Tomorrow is the beginning of a change. It may seem like a superficial one, but there’s more to it than what eyes will see. Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut…short…with my husband’s blessing…actually, with his encouragement. That’s huge because Michael prefers my hair long and I even have a rule about not getting it cut without his permission. While he’s not entirely unreasonable, it didn’t seem likely that he would actually be encouraging me to get it cut short. However, that’s exactly what he’s doing.

You see, he knows that I’m quite nervous/anxious/scared/paranoid/you get the idea, about the procedure I’m having done on Friday and the recovery afterward. In reality, it’s not such a huge thing, not compared to all sorts of other things, but for me it’s a pretty big deal. And he knows that I’ve been thinking about getting my hair cut for awhile. And so, he decided that he wants to give me something to look forward to, something to be excited about, and so he gave me permission to get my hair cut however I want.

At first I couldn’t believe it and I wanted to make sure that he was really okay with it, and then I got excited and started looking around online to see how I want to get it cut. Well, I found a few pictures that are similar on Pinterest that I really like. I think Michael may have been in shock at first, because it’s rather short, certainly compared to my current hair length. However, he said it was cute and asked if I want to get it colored too. Oh, now I hadn’t thought about that! After thinking it through I’ve decided to get some highlights rather than go for a full color change, it’s just easier to maintain.

And so tomorrow begins my transformation. I suppose really it’s just an outward sign of things happening inward, things in myself, things in my husband and things in our relationship. It’s not just about the hair cut and it’s not just about the procedure. It’s that I trust Michael to be there for me through the procedure and through the recovery. It’s that he cares enough to want to make me happy, to let me get my hair cut short if that's what I want, even if it’s not what he would choose.

We’re functioning so much better as a couple these days. It’s a far cry from where we were before we decided to incorporate ttwd into our relationship a little over a year and half ago. We both still have our struggles, we still have disagreements and times when someone’s feelings get hurt, but things get sorted out so much quicker and don’t escalate to the point that they used to sometimes. We’re learning to set our own selves aside to be able to come together for the good of our relationship. And that’s not an easy thing sometimes. But I can really see how much Michael has grown and where I have too. This thing called life is an interesting journey, full of highs and lows, twists and turns, beautiful scenery and dark valleys too. And I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have by my side than my husband.

Oh, I almost forgot...I wanted to mention that I'm going to schedule a SWAT post for Saturday, but for whatever reason Blogger doesn't like it when I schedule posts and I usually have to log in and post it myself.  I'm not sure how I'll be feeling Saturday, so if a SWAT post doesn't get posted, know that Blogger is being naughty and that I'm recovering and not feeling up to doing it myself.  Thanks for understanding!


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