The Consultation, Spankings & A Conundrum

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! We certainly did. In fact, we had a wonderful weekend! Michael got home Friday night and didn’t have to go back to work until early Tuesday morning. That, in and of itself, was fabulous! I felt very spoiled to have him home for an extra day (Monday) and two extra nights (Friday & Monday).

You may recall that I had an assignment last week. I needed to do some leg work in regard to a medical procedure that I need to have done. Thanks for all the encouragement and you’ll be happy to know that I did indeed get my assignment done. In fact, things went so well that I was able to schedule a consultation for Monday. It worked out well because Michael wanted to come with me and he had the day off. Actually, the reality is that I wouldn’t have gone to it without him. My anxiety level in regard to this was sky high…still is actually. He was very supportive as the appointment got closer and during the actual consultation. Now I need to decide whether I want to get a second opinion or if I’m going to go ahead with it. And if I’m going to go ahead with things, then I need to decide when. To tell you the truth, it’s all very overwhelming to me.

With Michael having been home more, I was spanked more. You may recall that he had changed things up and declared that every day/night he was home I would get spanked. Well, that didn’t start out so well as he didn’t spank me Friday night. However, he spanked me Saturday morning instead and then again Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night! You’d think I’d be happy that he went back to work, but the fact is that I miss him. I think overall the change has been a good thing, even if it has left me a bit sore sometimes. Some of the spankings were harder and/or longer and some were shorter and/or less intense. Some led to other activities, some didn’t.

One thing we do need to figure out is how to keep Sunday nights (or in this week’s case, Monday night) from unraveling. The entire weekend can go smoothly and it may even have been fabulous…and then when Sunday night rolls around things start to fall apart. I can’t tell you how many Sunday nights we’ve both ended up with hurt feelings and distance between us. We generally stay up until we’ve worked it out or as close as we can get to working it out, but even if things end up quite nicely, there’s still an emotional toll. Since most weeks Michael is home Saturday and Sunday and gone Monday through Friday, it obviously has something to do with the fact that he’s leaving again. I *think* what happens is that he starts moving back into work mode, preparing for the rest of his week and in the meantime I’m starting to feel the loss of him being gone and I’m oversensitive. This is a deadly combo and it’s something that really needs to be addressed. We just haven’t figured out how yet, so if you have any suggestions or advice, please share!


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