Me too! Me too! Er, 3, that is!

I'm a bit behind in my reading in blogland, but I've seen this 3 Word Meme going around and thought it looked like fun. Apparently you're supposed to try to answer each question with 3 words. So, let's see how I do...

1.Where is your cell phone?  next to me

2.Boyfriend/girlfriend?  wonderful loving husband

3.Hair?  long...for now

4.Your mother?  wonderful, frustrating, loving

5.Your Father?  funny, caring, supportive 

6.Your favorite items?  God, family, friends

7.Your dream last night?  strange...distant now

8.Your favorite drink?  cola or margarita

9.Your dream Guy/ Girl?  is all mine

10.The room you are in?  dining room presently

11.Your fear?  is often unwarranted

12.What do you want to be in ten years?  hmmm...grandmother maybe?

13.Who did you hang out with last night?  hubby and kiddos

14.What are you not?  made of jello

15.Are you in love?  absolutely, totally, completely

16.One of your wish items?  peace and joy

17.What time is it? it's now 2:15

18.The last thing you did?  answer last question

19.What are you wearing?  undergarments, jeans, t-shirt

20.Your favorite book?  only one?  hmmm...

21.The last thing you ate?  breakfast bake...yummy!

22.Your Life?  is blessed richly

23.Your mood?  varies widely sometimes

24.Your friends?  are quite awesome

25.What are you thinking about right now?  answers to questions!

26.Your car?  a mommy ride

27,What are you doing at the moment?  typing answers, silly!

28.Your summer?  is too short

29.Your relationship status?  very taken...often  ;)

30. What is on your TV screen?  right now?  nothing

31.When is the last time you laughed?  last night lol'ing

32.Last time you cried?  Saturday, I believe

33.School?  what about it?

Hmmm, hopefully my answers weren't too lame!  lol  It was fun though.  If you haven't done it yet yourself, try it out and share on your blog or in a comment.  ;)


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