In the name of Jesus?

You know what really pisses me off?  When men decide to be dictators, tyrants, in the name of Jesus.

There are men out there, who parade around using the term CDD (Christian Domestic Discipline) and use it as carte blache to do whatever they want and treat their wives as little more than property.  I'm not referring to everyone who uses the term CDD, but a select group.  They twist the meaning of scriptures, picking and choosing just certain ones that they can mold into fitting their needs.  They give their wives harsh punishments that are not fitting of whatever the offense was and they treat them as a doormat with no say whatsoever.  That's not CDD or DD, that's abuse.  If you want to be a tyrant don't play it off like you're just living the Christian life because that is NOT Biblical.  I feel badly for the wives and can only imagine they've been deluded or brainwashed or something because otherwise why would they put up with such treatment?

Jesus did give an example of leadership in the Bible and it looked nothing like that.  He taught about servant leadership, not how to be a tyrant.  If tyranny is reigning in your home, if your husband is a dictator, he's not taking his cues from Christ, he's allowing Satan to twist the meaning of the scriptures to suit his own desires.

Michael and I are Christians and we do use DD as a tool in our relationship, but this is offensive to us and we will not be associated with the term CDD because of it.

Note: If this has left you pissed off at me, maybe take a good hard look at yourself and figure out why.  Does it hit too close to home perhaps?


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