World Peace

As you probably know, Michael travels a lot for work. He’s often gone M-F. Many weeks he leaves very early Monday morning and doesn’t get home again until Saturday morning. Sometimes, when things are slower, he may get home at some point during the week as well.

Many who see their spouses daily can’t imagine our reality. They can’t imagine being apart so much. They’ll say things to me like “I don’t know how you do it” or “I couldn’t live like that” or “I guess we just need that connection more” or any number of similar things. I realize that many just can’t imagine living with such a schedule. And I know most who say these things mean well. But honestly, I’m so sick of hearing such comments.

I’m not wonder woman and Michael’s not superman (well, okay, he is MY superman). This is our reality. It’s been this way for a long time now. Yes, sometimes it sucks. Sometimes we’re really missing each other. Sometimes he’s missing out on what’s going on at home, with the kids, etc. But sometimes, honestly, it’s not a big deal. And every now and then that time and space apart is a good thing.

People will sometimes ask whether a change is possible or they’ll say that they hope things will change for us soon. Would it be nice for him to be home more? Sure. That would be nice. But there are a lot of things, changes, that would be nice...if money wasn't an issue (not only for us, but for anyone), if there was no more illness in the world, world peace, etc.

What good does it to for me to focus on what I can’t have right now? It does no good, whatsoever. It only makes me feel bad, sad and maybe even a little mad. I know that people aren’t trying to make me feel that way, but I don’t need their pity. I have a good life. I have a wonderful husband and two great children. Is it perfect? No. But I wouldn’t trade with anyone either. This is my life, my reality, and yes, sometimes I do get down about certain things….don’t we all? Empathy is one thing and sympathy another, but pity? No thanks.

Yup, easy as that…right?  ;)


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