What's in a Name?

I shared a little in my post In with the New, In with the Old? about the meaning behind my blogs name.   But I figured I'd write up a quick, short post and then share the link over on the sidebar for anyone who is curious and hasn't read that post (as it will get buried over time).

With Me - Without Me is a reference to a line from one of our favorite movies, Knight and Day.  It's a fun movie full of action with plenty of humor and romance as well.  It came out in 2010 and stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Here's a trailer for the movie, which contains the With Me - Without Me reference...

When I was trying to come up with a name for this blog, Michael sent me a text that simply said with me, followed by another text that simply said without me.  He wasn't offering up a suggestion for a name for this blog because he didn't even know I was trying to come up with one at that point.  But my mind kept coming back to those texts and the reference and meaning behind them.  

You see, sometimes we just say that to each other, with me - without me, that is, with the hand gesture if we're together and if we're not, the hand gesture is understood.  It's a way for us to say; stick with me and no matter what we go through, it will be alright because we'll go through it together.  It's a reminder that we're better as a team and that we're stuck with one another, I mean, that we'll always be there for each other.  ;)  The reality of it is, neither of us knows what we'd do without the other and we're much better off together than apart.

So, that's it, that's the meaning behind my blog name With Me - Without Me.  And yes, we know we're quite silly, but we like to think of it as cute and sweet and we're okay with that.  lol


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