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When you think about Easter things like coloring eggs, the Easter Bunny, jelly beans, egg hunts, and Easter baskets may come to mind.

But, if you think that all the celebrating takes place on Easter Sunday, well, then you probably haven’t heard about an interesting tradition in Eastern Europe…

“Czechs and Slovaks have a very unique way to celebrate Easter. On one hand, women decorate eggs, just like women of many other nations. But we also, well, beat up women…

Let’s explain…

It is a tradition in the former Czechoslovakia that women are spanked (or whipped) on Easter Monday. Men go door to door visiting their relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors etc. They carry special hand-made whips that are made out of several (4-10) willow rods with ribbons on the end that touches the woman’s butt when she is spanked. Some really elaborate whips can be up to two meters long, they are used especially in villages where boys wear traditional national costumes.”

You can read more about this tradition here: http://czechdaily.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/czech-easter-we-spank-women-because-we-love-them/

(The Czech Daily Word, Czech Easter: we spank women because we love them. No violence involved. by Petr Bokuvka, 4.12.09)

Writer Stephanie MacLellan learned of this tradition first hand on a trip to Slovakia…

“But then I stumbled across a description of the national Easter tradition. From what I could make out, it went something like this: On Easter Monday, the men throw water on the women. The men hit the women with willow Easter whips. The women, in a gesture of gratitude, give the men chocolate or money.”

If you want to read about her experience with this tradition, you can do so here: http://travel.spectator.sme.sk/articles/1759/getting_spanked_or_easter 

(Travel.Spectator.SK, Getting spanked or Easter by Stephanie MacLellan)

And beyond the fun and the traditions is the true meaning behind this holiday…

Michael and I hope that you have a wonderful Easter,
however you choose to celebrate!  ;)


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