Starting New Traditions?

I mentioned recently that Michael has been thinking about getting some new implements. And since I am the ever so foolish helpful wife, I emailed him the link to Blondie’s etsy shop. The following is the email conversation that ensued...

Oh, I like some of them!  Yes, I do! 
Uh oh!  lol 
A new paddle is NOT an appropriate anniversary gift, just so you know!  ;p~~~ 
Wood, to match the new table!  (we recently bought a new dining room table) 
I looked it up and the traditional gift for the 20th anniversary is china and the      modern is mention of wood!!! 
I guess we'll have to start our own traditions! 
Oh!  You say the most delicious (and naughty) things to me sometimes Daddy!
Now, what am I going to do with this man of mine?

I guess I should be more worried about what he’s going to do with me! lol


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