Questions Anyone?

I put a post up on Tuesday, Inquiring Minds Want to Know. So far 5 people have asked a question or questions. Am I that much of an open book that no one else has a question for me or Michael? Am I intimidating or something and everyone else is afraid to ask anything? Maybe I'm just boring and so everyone else figures there's nothing they'd really like to know anyway? Perhaps everyone else already asked their questions of us this time last year?

Questions can be silly or serious.  You can ask a question anonymously if you'd like, either via a comment or email (my email address if over there on the right under Welcome).  You can ask a question of me or Michael or both of us.

So, do you have any questions about...

  • me?
  • Michael?
  • our dynamic?
  • how we do things?
  • ttwd in general?
  • ____________? (fill in the blank)

If not, that's okay too. I just wanted to put it out there again as we got such a small response the first time around.

And I want to say thanks to Cat, Christina, Bea, George and Riley for their questions! We'll be sharing our responses in a new post soon!  :)


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