Our Weekend, An Assignment & Changing Things Up

Overall our weekend was a good one. There were some ups and downs, but the downs weren’t major and didn’t last too long and the ups certainly made up for them.

Saturday morning Michael needed me to pick him up and take him to get his pick-up, which had been in the shop. Well, I ended up crying much of my drive in. Certain thoughts just kept coming into my head, things that I wish I could go back and do differently, things I’ve been having trouble forgiving myself for. Most of these things really aren’t a big deal. They aren’t earth shattering or life ending or even close. So, why can’t I forgive myself, let them go and move on? I don’t know. I’m still working on that.

When I picked Michael up he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. He asked how my drive had been and I told him that I’d been crying. He sort of chuckled, wanted to know why and called me silly. Surprisingly I didn’t shut down right then and there. I knew he was happy to see me and in a good mood, and he just wasn’t thinking about the fact that I was still feeling emotionally fragile. And he was in work mode yet. This can be a bit of a problem on the weekends honestly. It used to be me that had trouble with the transition, but now I’d say that he does…and I don’t think he even realizes it.

After we picked up his truck we did some Easter shopping and then grabbed a bite to eat. It was nice to be out and about, just the two of us, as that doesn’t happen very often. It’s hard to find the time for such things honestly. With his schedule we try to maximize family time when he is around, but sometimes that doesn’t leave much for the two of us.

(Note: Please don’t think of this as a great opportunity to brag about your frequent date nights or vacations away together just the two of you, though I’m happy for you. Please also don’t think of this as a great time to lecture me on the importance of couple time, etc.)

Saturday night we did have a date night actually…well, a double date. Another couple, friends of ours, joined us and we went out for a lovely dinner together. We got adventurous and tried some more exotic foods such as ostrich and alligator. So, I guess I have a new answer to Christina’s question regarding the most “unusual” food I’ve eaten. lol And once we were home and got the kids off to bed there was some time for just the two of us. We cuddled a bit and then there was some spanking followed by other quite lovely activities.

Sunday was a busy day. Michael and I taught at church that morning, then we grabbed some lunch. There was a small meltdown though. He was trying to be nice, but didn’t go about it in a very good way and it just didn’t go over well with me. But, we managed to move past it fairly quickly. After lunch we had some errands and such to run with the kids. We were going to color eggs when we got home, but it was getting late so we decided we’d do them either during the week or this coming weekend. Once we were home everyone went separate ways for a bit. We all had things we either wanted or needed to do. By the time we got the kids off to bed Michael and I were both feeling tired ourselves. We opted for some snuggling on the couch before we headed upstairs.

Once upstairs I checked on the kids and then snuggled in under the blanket thinking to myself that I’d be okay with it if Michael opted to skip maintenance. I tried to convince Michael of that when he seemed intent on following through, but truth be told, even I wasn’t totally buying it. I didn’t manage to dissuade him, but he did change things up a bit. Usually he has me lie on my back first, arms over my head, while he lies next to me on his side, facing me and talks to me about how the previous week went and his expectations for the coming week. But this time he had me lie on my stomach instead, with my pj bottoms pulled down. He pressed himself up against me and started talking into my ear. He talked about the usual things, the past week, things we’ve been dealing with, that he’s proud of me and loves me and how I belong to him, and about the upcoming week. When he was done I told him that I was too warm and so he had me get fully undressed. Then he had me lie back down beside him on my stomach and he wrapped the arm he was lying on underneath me and I pressed my face into my pillow as he started to spank. It was definitely a lot more than the night before, but that had been pretty short. It was hard not to squirm, but I couldn’t go far with his arm holding me in place. Once he was done he lay on his back and pulled me close. I snuggled as close as I could get and he talked to me sweetly for a minute. I don’t know how long we lay like that, but at some point I put my pajamas back on and snuggled back up to him.

We slept like that until his alarm went off, which was way too early. It always seems that our weekends are too short. I wish he was able to get home on Friday nights, but that doesn’t happen too often these days. I suppose I should just be thankful that things have picked up for him at work. Things look encouraging on that front and it should help us get back on track financially.

Oh, I have an assignment. Michael talked to me about it Sunday night when he was talking to me about his expectations for the week. There is a medical procedure that I need to have done. It’s something that I’ve been putting off, but it has a negative effect both on my health and on my self esteem. In order to get it taken care of there is some leg work that needs to be done on my end. Well, he informed me that he expects it to be done (the leg work, not the actual procedure) by the end of this week. I tried to protest or at least interject with my thoughts and opinion, but I was lying on my stomach with my pj bottoms pulled down and my very HOHy husband by my side at the time. The couple of times I tried to say something he informed me that this wasn’t a discussion. Oh. *sigh*

Michael has decided to change things up in the spanking department. The way we had been going about things was that there was weekly maintenance and then any other spankings were on an as needed basis (stress relief, reconnection, etc.). Maintenance will still be weekly, but he’s decided that for now he’s going to spank me every day that he’s home. It might be a little, it might be a lot, but it will be something. In some ways it’s not such a big change as there are plenty of weeks that he’s only home Saturday and Sunday, so that’s only one extra spanking. But it’s really more about consistency and helping me to feel safe and secure and cared about and for right now. And for whatever reason, I do feel that way after a spanking. It softens me by helping me to shed that hard outer shell and it draws me close to my husband. I imagine this is temporary, the whole spanking me every day that he’s home thing, but for now hopefully it will be a good thing for both of us.


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