Answers Revealed - Part III

This is the third and final round of answers (unless of course we get asked some more questions). :)

Q: Hi, Grace, I have been lurking a while, and I think you are an excellent writer and communicator (I actually went back and read all your posts!). That did make it hard to think of a question for you. But I came up with a few. . .
1. Is there anything you and Michael don't do in DD or "kink" that you would like to add or try? (If that's too personal, feel free not to answer!)
2. If you and Michael could go anywhere for time away and to reconnect, where would you like to go?
3. If you had known about DD when you got married, would you have wanted to start it then?
4. Are you a spanko or a spankno? It seems like times you are both. (You may have answered this before, but I can't remember.)  Anonymous

A from Grace: 
Thanks for the compliment Anonymous!  :)  I can't believe you went back and read all my posts!  
1. To be honest, there are a lot of things that I may fantasize about, but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that we haven’t already tried that I’d really like to try. 
2. Hmmm, I don’t have an exact location in mind, but somewhere warm and tropical with lovely beaches, a spa nearby and some privacy sounds lovely! 
3. Honestly? No. I probably would have been appalled by the idea. Okay, maybe a little intruiged too. But mostly appalled. 
4. I can see why it would seem as if I’m both. I would say however, that I’m a spanko. That said, with emotions involved things aren’t always so black and white. 

A from Michael:
1. Other than some implements that we haven’t played with, I don’t think so.
2. Same answer as Grace. :)
3. No. I wasn’t ready for this then. I wasn’t mature enough back then. 

4. Certified SPANKO!!!  Oh, wait, I’m supposed to let Michael answer this huh? Okay, here’s Michael's actual answer…lol I’d have to say that I’ve become a spanko.

Q: Hi Grace, reading about your dynamic inspired us to introduce "Daddy" into ours. It doesn't denote a change in our Dd dynamic, but we thought he may help enforce and remind us of our roles and it works well.  This is still fairly new for me so I'm curious as to how you predominantly address Michael. Do you mostly address him as Daddy or only in certain circumstances? I tend (at the moment anyway) to mostly use Daddy. You recently shared why you changed the blog name and URL. Have you had any tricky questions about your dynamic or your blog since and if so, how did you handle them? I love the questions above and look forward to your post with the answers.  Roz

A: Oh Roz, that’s SO cool!  :)  I guess I would say that for us, me calling Michael “Daddy” didn’t change our dynamic, rather it was a reflection of a change that had already happened or was already happening in our dynamic.  More often than not these days I call Michael “Daddy.”  I call him Daddy all the time around the kids, and in private too.  I generally don’t call him Daddy in front other family or friends unless it’s in reference to our kids (ie.  If our son asks when his dad will be home then I may reply with something like “Daddy will be home Saturday morning.”)  And if I’m upset with him or feeling distant I’m less likely to call him Daddy because when I call him Daddy it denotes a closeness, a vulnerability, a willingness to be open.  And so, if I’m just not feeling that, it’s often reflected in what I call him.  I also rarely call him Daddy here on my blog.  I know that particular term of endearment rubs some people the wrong way.  And it also feels like something rather intimate between Michael and I, if that makes any sense.

I actually haven’t had any tricky questions about my blog or our dynamic since the whole fiasco that led to me making changes, thankfully.  I still may at some point I suppose, but I’m not going to worry about it at this point.  ;)

Q: Hi Grace. I'll ask the same thing I just asked Roz...Is there a rule or request that he has made that gives you an unexpected insight into him and how he thinks or did you discover something that he found important but you never realized until he was in charge and there was a rule?  Zoe

A: Funny that you ask Zoe as this is something I’ve thought about lately.  I have a rule that has to do with my hair.  Michael prefers it long and I’m not allowed to get it cut without his permission.  Now that doesn’t really surprise me, but just how serious he considers this rule did take me off guard a bit.  Let’s just say that he’s laid out what the punishment would be and has pretty much ensured that this is a rule I won’t break.  Looking back, when we were dating he would often pay for me to get my hair done.  And one time when I got it cut short without his knowledge he wouldn’t speak to me for, let’s see, I’m going to say it must have been two hours!  (this was also when we were dating)  That floored me.  I mean, I knew then that he loved my long hair, but I was hurt when he wouldn’t talk to me.  He did apologize afterward and about a week later he had gotten used to my new hair style and said that it looked really cute on me.  Anyway, it’s funny now to look back and see the hints of his dominant nature and my submissiveness because neither of us would have classified ourselves or each other that way at the time.

Thanks so much for your questions Anonymous, Roz and Zoe!  Hopefully we did a decent job of answering them.

This was fun!  Thanks so much to everyone who took the time and mental energy to come up with questions and ask them of us.  You certainly asked some good ones and had us thinking!  :)


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