Answers Revealed - Part II

Okay, here’s the second round of answers.  There’s just one more after this one, unless of course we get asked some more questions.  ;) 

Q: How did you stumble about the DD lifestyle?  Was it online?  And if so, how long did it take you from when you learned about it when you started?  Riley

A: Oh dear, now you are taking me back Riley.  lol  You see, it was many years ago when we first discovered this lifestyle.  Let’s see, yes it was online…well, sort of, mostly.  You see there are some Bible verses regarding such things, but those can be interpreted in different ways and they don’t really advocate DD as far as I’m concerned.  Aspects may be similar, such as the husband being the leader of the home and the wife being his helpmeet.  But that doesn’t mean that the Bible is saying that husbands should spank their wives.  lol 
Honestly, it wasn’t long after we started reading about DD until we started implementing it.  That said, we’d already been enjoying some erotic D/s, not as a full time dynamic mind you, just as some spice to our bedroom activities.  After awhile DD mostly dropped out of our dynamic though.  We just weren’t committed to it.  There were some little shifts in our relationship that remained, but for the most part we abandoned it.  It was years later when we rediscovered it.  We’d been going through a tough time in our marriage (understatement) and I went online searching for ways to improve things.  That’s when I came across DD info again and I started devouring everything I read.  When I brought it to Michael this time he was quickly on board and we haven’t looked back since.  It’s quite different this time around for us.  We’re older, wiser, more committed and willing to put the effort in.  We know how big a difference it can make to our relationship.  We know where we were and don’t want to go back there…ever.

Q: I think it's hard to think of a question lol :) I'll take a stab at it though.. Favorite color? Strangest place you've ever done 'it'? Would you rather eat out for a week or make every single meal? I'm terrible at thinking of them, lol.  Elle

A from Grace:
That’s an interesting mix of questions Elle!  lol 
Let’s see, I’m drawn more to bright cool colors in general and my favorite color is blue. 
The strangest place I’ve ever had sex would have to be on the hood of my car in a dark parking lot.  (the things college kids do, lol)
I’d rather eat out for a week, though I wouldn’t want to do that every week.

A from Michael:
Same answer as Grace.  ;)
I enjoy cooking, but I think I’d rather eat out for a week.

Q: I didn't get a lot of questions either, I am trying to take it as I am a great writer and just don't leave room for questions...How old were you the first time you had sex?  Looking back at it, what do you think of your age and partner choice? Tell us something positive about incorporating ttwd into your lives. Something that you didn't think it would have an effect on.  Julia

A from Grace:
That’s a great way to look at it Julia!  :)
You know, I’m torn when it comes to answering your question regarding what I think of my age at the time.  In retrospect, part of me wishes I’d waited.  And yet, I don’t really regret it either.  I suppose that’s as clear as mud, but that’s about as good an answer as I can give you.
Hmmm, there are SO many positive things about incorporating ttwd into our lives.  It’s hard to pick just one.  I guess I would say that it’s helping me with moderation in my life.  I’ve always been an all or nothing type person.  Ttwd is helping me to balance that out a bit.  It feels strange sometimes, but in a good way.

A from Michael:
I’m happy with both my age and partner choice.
My wife and I communicate so much more and better than we have in a long time.

Q: I've only got two questions so far and one of those was yours.  My question is for both of you. At what point did things click for you, the point where you knew there was no going back?  Dana

A: This question led to quite a discussion between Michael and I, Dana.  We both agreed that we kind of knew at the beginning.  You see, we tried this path before (DD that is), but we were much younger and we weren’t really committed to it.  This time around we had a better idea of what making this choice really meant and that it wasn’t just something we were going to try.  Therefore, it was pretty early on when things started to really click and we knew there was no going back.  That said, over time our experiences (including a brief break) have really cemented that for both of us.

Q: I'd just like to know how you managed the challenge of Dd? To begin with I thought you had to completely obey all the prescribed guidelines. But now I know you have to make Dd work for you and not you for it. I never realised I'd enjoy to be spanked, and the effect it would have on our lives. What about you?  Ami

A: I’m not quite sure what you’re asking in regarding to managing the challenge of DD, Ami.  We had a D/s dynamic in our relationship before we discovered DD though.  It wasn’t really a lifestyle for us though, it was really just to enhance our sexy bedroom fun.  I also already knew that I enjoyed being spanked before we learned about DD.  As for the effect that ttwd has had on our lives.  Well, honestly, it has really surpassed my expectations.

Thanks so much for your questions Riley, Elle, Julia, Dana and Ami!  I hope we managed to answer them satisfactorily. 

To be continued…


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