Answers Revealed: Part I

Since March is question and answer month in this little corner of blogland I’d asked if anyone had any questions for Michael and I and now here we are with the answers. :) I was planning on just writing one post to answer all of your questions. But then more people asked questions and well, I got a little wordy with my answers (Michael not as much, as you’ll see, lol) and so I decided to break it up into more than one post. ;)

Q: Hey Grace...How are the water drinking and exercising going?  Sorry, only questions I can think of at the moment.  Blessings, Cat

A: Funny you should ask Cat!  The day before you asked was the first day that I didn’t drink my water.  But, I had permission from Michael, so I’m not in trouble.  I had been out most of the day, at a long doctor’s appointment and then running some errands.  I skipped lunch, which is when I normally drink my water for the day (or the bulk of it).  And I forgot all about it until about 8:30pm.  When I realized it, I explained to Michael and asked him if I could skip it for that day.  He said yes, but was sure to let me know that it was not going to become a habit.  So, overall the water has been going well.  The exercise has too actually.  I normally go on the treadmill, but I’m thinking of starting to change that up a bit.  He’s also let shoveling snow count toward my total exercise for the week those weeks when we’ve had snow.  I’ve been thankful for that as I’m more out of breath, sweaty and worn out from that than from the treadmill!  lol  So far so good with both I guess.  Knowing that he expects me to follow through and that there will be consequences if I don’t has been motivating for me.  More than anything I don’t want to disappoint him and I love it when he says things like great job or tells me what a good girl I’ve been.

Q: What is the most “unusual” food you’ve ever eaten?  If you could redo the career part of your life, would you choose the same path or a different one?  If you were given the chance to do something outrageous, without worry about money, time, or consequences, what would you choose?  Christina

A from Grace:  
You know Christina, I’m trying to decide if I’ve ever really eaten an unusual food.  I have some dietary restrictions and have always been a bit picky, so I honestly can’t think of something that anyone would consider unusual. 

Career path…lol…this one cracks me up because I’m not sure I’ve ever had what you’d call a career path.  I don’t know that I’d choose a different path though because it’s what has brought me to where I am today and if I went back and changed it, then I may not be doing what I am now and I love being home and homeschooling my kids.

Ooooh, something outrageous, huh?  Let’s see.  I would have to say that I’d set out to travel the world.  I love to travel and see new places, meet new people, see new things.  That said, most of my travel has been in the USA.  I’ve been in all but 3 of the states.  But the only other country I’ve been in is Canada.  That leaves a lot of world yet to see!  And since money is no option, I’d like to reach out and help those in need everywhere I go too!  :)

A from Michael:
Frogs legs. 

It’s hard to say because I really like what I do.  But, I’d like to be home more often.  Because of that I think I might choose a different path.

Sex across America with my wife?  lol

Q: Are you afraid of spankings?  Bea

A:  Great question Bea!  No, I’m not afraid of spankings.  I trust Michael and I know that while a spanking may hurt (okay, will hurt), he would never harm me.  That said, I do get nervous sometimes.  This is especially true when it comes to a punishment spanking.  We use spankings for different reasons and the emotions surrounding those reasons is what makes all the difference. 
With a punishment spanking I feel badly because I’ve disappointed him or let him down or in some way I’ve fallen short in terms of our agreement.  And I know that the spanking itself will be harsher.  And so even though I know that Michael won’t allow any harm to come to me, I know that it will be hard to take and I get nervous.  That said, I always feel so much better afterward (well, everything but my bottom).  Other types of spankings I don’t tend to get nervous about at all or at least, not as often…maintenance, reconnect, stress relief, erotic, etc.

Q: Hi Grace, If Hollywood made a movie about you, who would choose to play the role of you?  Have a blessed day.  George

A from Grace: 
Hmmm, a very interesting question you pose George.  I think I’d choose Drew Barrymore.  She’s close to my age.  I like her quirky sensibility.  She’s cute.  And I know that Michael is partial to her.  ;)

A from Michael:
Vince Vaughn? 

Thanks so much for your questions Cat, Christina, Bea and George!  I hope we did a decent job answering them. 

To be continued…


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