Answer to Prayer

I've been trying to figure out how to share about this without giving out too many details. And then I wonder if I really need to be worried about that. I guess I feel a bit torn, but we’ll see how this goes.

Last week I got some news that initially sounded good, but then was followed up by a detail that made the good out of reach. Essentially, a door was opened, but I was unable to walk through. This wasn’t a small thing, it was a big thing. I prayed. I asked God to make a way. Then I made some phone calls to see what I could do about it. And then I passed the word along to some family and friends so that they would come alongside me and pray as well. I was worried. I was really hoping to be able to walk through that door. And I was a little scared about what would happen if I couldn’t. But, I also had a sense of peace about the whole thing. In my heart I knew that if God didn’t allow me to walk through that door, if in fact that door was closed to me, that it was because he had something else in mind. And I also knew that if he wanted that door to remain open to me, if he wanted me to walk through it, that he’d make a way for me to be able to do so.

You see, I’d been in nearly the exact same situation before, very similar circumstances, several years ago. In that case the door was closed. It was upsetting at the time, but I put my faith and trust in God knowing that he had a plan. Down the road another door was opened, a better door for me to walk through. And if that first door hadn’t been closed to me I’d have continued on through it and that second door never would have been available to me. So I ended up being thankful for that initial no because it led to what turned out to be a much better yes.

This time around things are playing out a bit differently than that first time. In fact, in almost no time at all God held the door wide open and made a way for me to walk right through it. I found it quite amazing to tell you the truth. One day I had a problem, one that I could not solve alone. I was unable to walk through that open door. I prayed. Friends and family prayed. And by the grace of God, the next day my problem was solved.  The door was held open and I could walk right through. I don’t know about you, but I think that was a pretty awesome answer to prayer!

I’m well aware that things don’t always play out that way. They certainly haven’t always in my life and I know they don’t always in others lives. But I was filled with such a joy in my heart over this. I was shocked and surprised and overwhelmed in wonderful ways. I’m still riding that high actually. I’m just so relieved, so thankful. I’m praising God and rejoicing.

I’ve been struggling a lot lately and I’ve really appreciated the outpouring of encouragement and support, thoughts and prayers. So, even though I didn’t feel like I could go into the details, it feels good to be sharing some good news with you!

Does anyone want to do a happy dance with me?  :)


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