Stand By Your Man

You know, sometimes life throws you a curve ball that changes everything. Maybe you should have seen it coming, maybe it came out of nowhere. Either way, it's a game changer. You see everything in a different light. You may find yourself struggling to find your place in this new existence or you may now have the clarity you lacked before and feel like you have a better picture of who you are in your life and in this world.

Tough times can either bring a couple together and make them stronger or push them apart and destroy them. The choice really is theirs, yours, ours. I keep repeating to myself lately: I will not let the devil win. You see, the devil comes to destroy and I will not allow my life, my family, my marriage to be destroyed by him.

I know you're probably wondering what's going on, what happened last week.  And at some point I may feel up to sharing, but I'm sorry, that time is not now.  Now I'm finding my footing, looking for something sturdy to hold onto (that would be God) and trying to be the me that I want to be through it all.


...because lately I've had a hard time finding the words.  

And I'm clinging to his promises...

And right now though I could choose to be angry with my husband and shut him out, I'm making a different choice.

And I'm trying very hard to remember...


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