Miss Popularity

I’m glad that some people seem to enjoy my blog, but if you've read here long enough, you probably realize that I’m not trying to win any popularity contests. I try to be real; I try to be me…as interesting or as boring, as normal or as crazy, as that may be. I’m not into drama and I’m not into cliques. I've met many wonderful people here in this corner of blogland. I don’t read everyone’s blog, just as everyone doesn’t read my blog. There are some people I just don’t connect with and there are some people who just don’t connect with me. I try to get to know people, but sometimes someone just rubs me the wrong way. I imagine I’ve had that effect on some people as well. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Actually, it can be quite helpful when someone shares another point of view.

Gathering together to support one another, encourage one another, coming along side one another is what’s wonderful about this community. But, if we’re here to support one another, why does it sometimes seem like the opposite is happening? I try to keep out of the drama behind the scenes, but eventually it seeps out enough, is known enough, that even I find out about it. What’s behind it? Is it insecurity? Do some just have a need to be right? Do some have a need to feel important or popular?  And do they have to achieve those goals in a way that involves putting others down or attacking or excluding them?

In reality this is a very diverse community and that can be our strength or we can allow it to be our weakness and divide us. The choice is ours.

*note: In case anyone is wondering, I'm not calling anyone out or referring to anyone in particular.  That's not what this post is about.  And the title is simply referring to the fact that I'm not trying to be Miss Popularity.


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