Spanked! - Getting Back on Track

I have a feeling that Michael has some New Year’s resolutions of his own. And one of them seems to be getting back in the swing of things, so to speak.

We had a discussion about ttwd. I think it was on New Year’s Day actually. I wanted to know where we stood, what he wanted, where we were going with this, etc. Michael very calmly explained to me that we were going to get back on track. He said that life had been stressful and busy, but that we needed to get back to working on us. I listened and hoped, but I’m not sure I really believed him. That’s not really fair of me, but I have a hard time not going there sometimes. There have been too many good intentions with lack of follow through in the past. I know he means well, but well, you know where they say the road paved with good intentions leads, right? Anyway, I digress.

Saturday Michael let me know that we’d be reconnecting that night. Honestly, I was hopeful, looking forward to it, and maybe even a little excited about it. That is until about a half hour before we were going to head to bed. Then my nerves set in and I started feeling a little anxious. I didn’t know what he had planned, but for the last few months spankings had been few and far between and often pretty mild when they had occurred. But, Michael reassured me, calmed my nerves and I decided to enjoy some snuggle time with him.

When it was time to go upstairs I tried telling him that it was okay if he didn’t spank me, that I didn’t really need it. He wasn’t buying it. He knew it was just cold feet (cheeks?) talking. He sent me up to get ready while he closed up and put the dogs to bed. When he came up I had gotten ready for bed and tucked myself in. I was hiding under the big fluffy blanket, not sure what to expect or even what I hoped would happen. It wasn’t long before Michael was pulling the blanket off me, a look of determination on his face. He pulled me up, stripped me of my pajamas, sat on the bed and had me kneel before him. It was time for the talk. No, not time for us to talk; but for him to talk and me to listen, with him occasionally wanting some kind of an acknowledgement from me. It’s a time for both of us to prepare for what’s to come.

After the talk he had me lie across the end of the bed. Well, no, that isn’t really accurate. He wanted me on my knees and elbows, back arched. Once I was in position I heard the drawer open. I wondered what implement he was going to choose and wasn’t surprised when I heard the swish of the cane and felt it connect. For those of you who are scared of the cane, how bad it is really depends on how the spanker decides to use it and how the spankee is positioned. For instance, light strokes can be given or more harsh ones. And there’s definitely a difference in the feel depending on whether the skin being struck is stretched more taut or not so much. Michael started off fairly light, but it didn’t take too many strokes for him to work up to something a little more intense. And then all of the sudden he stopped. I wondered if he was done, and about that time I felt the smack of a wooden spoon. No, he wasn’t done, not even close. He actually used several implements, it was almost like he wanted to reacquaint himself with them. At some point I abandoned the position he’d put me in and lay down on my stomach. Michael didn’t seem to be bothered by it and just continued. He was pretty watchful and quick to put his arm around me or his hand on my back when I started to think about squirming away.

When he was done he lay down next to me. I wanted it to have been enough. I wanted to be ready to snuggle and move on to other activities. But, that’s not where I was at and I let him know it, and not subtly either. Needless to say he wasn’t happy with my attitude and he placed me in corner time. Well, that’s really a misnomer here because I’m never actually standing in a corner for corner time. The corners in our bedroom just aren’t conducive to such activities, either there’s a door on one wall close to the corner or there’s furniture too close to the corner. So I actually stood in front of our bedroom door, legs spread, bent forward some, with my hands on the door and my head resting on my hands. It’s not a comfortable position and I think I’d have trouble staying that way for too long, but though I hate to admit it, it does really help me sometimes and I think it helps Michael too. It’s kind of like a time out for both of us, a chance for me to get my head where it should be and for him to decide what to do next, and chance for us to both calm down if we were upset or annoyed or whatever.

When Michael came over, turned me around and kissed me I thought maybe he’d talk to me and then we’d be going to bed, but he had other ideas. I thought at first that he wanted me to get back up on the bed into the position I’d originally been in. But instead he helped me into a different position, bent over the corner of the bed, my legs straddling the corner. In case you don’t know, that position is only used for one thing, punishment. Realization and then panic hit. He grabbed the wooden hairbrush off my dresser and started spanking me with it. It only took a few strokes on my already warm and tender bottom before I was crying out, apologizing and begging him to stop. And he did stop. I was surprised, since often he will wait for me to calm down before stopping, kind of a message that he’s in charge and making the decisions, not me. I wondered for a moment about that, but quickly pushed it out of my head because I was really just grateful that he’d stopped. Mind you, even though it hurt, I was also grateful that he’d done it. It had been exactly what I’d needed. I knew that when I was lying on the bed with him, not that I was going to tell him that. I mean, I’m not stupid! Some things he has to figure out for himself, which he seems to be doing quite well actually.

He held me and kissed me and talked to me softly and sweetly and then tucked me into bed. Soon he joined me and seemed interested in another kind of intimacy. Oddly enough, I wasn’t interested at all. All I wanted to do was snuggle into him as much as physically possible. I asked him to lie on his side facing me and I buried my face in his chest as he enveloped me. I was in my safe place and I just wanted to stay there. We lay like that for awhile and then changed positions, snuggling up again and we both drifted off to sleep, content and happy to be back on track.


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