I wasn’t feeling well. I knew I should probably go lie down, but Michael was home and I wanted to make the most of the day with him.  However, I couldn’t hide the fact that I just wasn’t feeling that great. He knew something was wrong. When he asked, I told him and he summarily sent me off to bed. I didn’t want to go to bed. I tried to protest, but it did no good. Off to bed I went and I did end up napping for about an hour and a half. And yes, I felt quite a bit better when I got up. It was strange to be sent to bed though. I don’t think he’d ever done that before. But, he was only looking out for me. He wanted me to feel better.

It was cold and raining. The kids and I were supposed to run some errands, the post office, groceries, pet food, household supplies, etc. But the temperature kept dropping and I was afraid that the roads would soon be icy.  Since it was a Friday if we didn’t go then, we’d have to go on the weekend. And I hate running those kind of errands on the weekend. I was torn and so I called Michael to see what he thought. After talking it over he told me not to go, that he’d take me on Saturday. I had been waffling and he made the decision for me. And though sometimes I have a hard time with him taking over and making a decision, this time I was grateful.  He doesn’t like to run errands on the weekend either, especially groceries and such, but he wanted to be sure that the kids and I would be safe and he knew I didn't really want to go on the weekend either, so he said he'd take me.

These are just a couple of recent examples of how my husband looks out for me, takes care of me. He used to be that way when we first got together, but then over the years we drifted from one another and honestly it got to the point where if he was sweet, I probably overlooked it or questioned his motives. But we’ve slowly been working our way back to one another, with the help of ttwd.

Oh, we still have our missteps. Old habits, ingrained patterns of behavior are hard to break. Yesterday afternoon I got a bit snarky with him on the phone. Why? I was feeling oversensitive and without really thinking I just reacted in a way that I had far too often in the past. I apologized. He understood. He’s done the same thing.

You see, though I’m the one who gets disciplined, I’m not the only one making changes in our marriage. Ttwd takes two. If he didn’t change at all, it wouldn’t work. If I didn’t change at all, it wouldn’t work. We both have to work on ourselves, change old attitudes and behaviors that didn’t foster harmony in our marriage and replace them with new ones that do.

I think sometimes outsiders think that ttwd is about him trying to change me. No, that’s not it at all. He’s helping me to make the changes that I want to make, changes that will help me become a better version of myself. And that in turn encourages him to make the changes that he wants to make, changes that will help him become a better version of himself. Yes, sometimes I do things just because it’s what he wants from me and I want to make him happy. But, there are also things that he only does because he wants to make me happy. Marriage should be about togetherness. And that’s what ttwd is helping us to achieve. We’re rediscovering and rebuilding that special bond between us. And that truly is priceless.


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