Fun Weekend?!

When Michael arrived home Saturday afternoon we got ready to go out and then dropped the kids off at their grandparents to spend the night. Then we met up with friends at a nice restaurant where we spent the next three hours. Yes, three hours! We sat in a big round booth with high sides and it almost felt like we were in our own little world, even though the restaurant was packed. The food was fantastic. The drinks were yummy. And the company and conversation were great.

 I had chicken with sweet chili sauce, rice and seasonal veggies 
 Michael had meatloaf and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy

After enjoying the evening with our friends Michael and I headed home. It was late and he was tired. We took care of the dogs and sat on the couch and snuggled. It wasn't long before Michael was dozing off. I admit that I was a little disappointed, but I figured I’d let him get a little nap in before we went to bed. He sometimes recharges with a short nap. I can’t do that. If I take a nap it has to be at least an hour and a half to do me any good. He can sometimes check out for twenty minutes or so and be ready to go again for awhile.

When we went upstairs Michael was feeling better and we danced our dance before falling asleep in each other’s arms. It was so nice to sleep without anything between us. I won’t sleep naked when the kids are home. The closest I come is sleeping with a nightshirt on with nothing underneath.

We slept in a bit Sunday morning. We’d decided not to go to church. We can always listen to the sermon online during the week. It was nice to just have a lazy morning and lie in bed for awhile together, talking, touching, cuddling. That’s something extremely rare for us. It’s just not something that happens with kids in the house. After a little bit we wandered downstairs and Michael made me an omelet. Eggs aren't his favorite so he opted for a donut.

After breakfast we headed back upstairs. The festivities that had been put off the night before were about to begin.

From Left to Right: Rope cuffs (ankle and wrist), Homemade Loopy, Wooden Paddle (above loopy), Wooden Spoons, Naughty Stick, Flogger, Rattan Cane (a little short, because it’s broken, but still quite usable), Spatula, Leather Paddle (w/studs on one side), Stainless Butt Plug (above leather paddle), Leather Slapper, Shoe Horn 

We had a lot of fun, as you can probably tell from the picture above. The only implement not shown that Michael used was his hand. I spent quite a bit of time on my stomach, lying over some pillows. Then he had me lie flat on my back while he paid attention to other areas. And then that dreaded diaper position came into play (lying on my back, legs up). For that position he looped the wrist cuffs through the ankle cuffs, propped my bottom up a bit more by putting a pillow under me and went back through many of the implements he’d already used. The thing is with me in that position he can pay attention to several areas at once as really everything is exposed. He also inserted the butt plug while I was in that position.

When he decided it was time to move on to other activities he kept the cuffs on me at first, looped together as they were, as he entered me. I still had the butt plug in and my bottom was so red and hot and tender from having so many implements used on it for so long. That little nub between my legs was extra sensitive from having had quite a bit of attention paid to it with the leather slapper, the flogger and the shoe horn. My nipples were also very sensitive from being pulled and pinched and nibbled on and flogged...oh, and he used the shoe horn on them too.  Ouch!  And my thighs were definitely feeling where the cane and naughty stick had made contact over and over again. Even my back was feeling especially warm and was a bit pink from the licks of the flogger.

Oh yes, Michael had done a thorough job. And at times I had a hard time taking what he was dishing out.  Honestly though, it was just what I’d needed, just what I wanted, just what I’d missed so much. As I said in my post Saturday morning, we just aren't able to enjoy these kinds of activities when the kids are home. The implements are too loud. I’m definitely too loud. And it’s not a quick romp in the hay. This was far from a wham bam, thank you ma’am.

No, in fact, he teased me. He would bring me to the brink and then back off. I whined and tried to maneuver myself in a way to remedy the situation, but he didn't allow that to happen. It was yet another show of control, of his power over me. And as delicious as that was, he wasn't allowing me to go where I really wanted to and I was protesting. He was amused I think, but eventually, after some more teasing he gave me what I wanted, what I needed, what I was longing for, and it was incredible.

The weekend was very special. We had a great time with some friends. And we had some fabulous alone time. We got to talk and snuggle and just *be* together. And we got to connect in a way that’s very powerful for both of us. I’m definitely still feeling the remnants of our activities today, which is lovely also. And I just feel so calm, so centered, so loved and truly appreciated. And my heart is overflowing with love, appreciation and admiration for my husband.


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