Finding Time to Reconnect

Our weekend was pretty busy. Saturday morning Michael arrived home and shortly thereafter we were off, helping out some relatives for a little while, running a couple of errands, and then catching up with some more family who we hadn’t managed to see around the holidays. Sunday started off with church, then lunch, then a little shopping, and then getting together with more family to celebrate a birthday (not one of ours, one of theirs). Overall we had a really nice weekend, but it did seem to go by rather quickly.

Both Saturday and Sunday we left home in the morning and didn't return home until the evening. Michael didn’t get a chance to read any of my blog posts from last week and so we didn’t end up talking about any of it either. There was a point when I was starting to feel a bit disappointed about that, but we did manage to fit some reconnection time in and that seemed to assuage those feelings.

Saturday night we were both tired. Off we went to bed, cuddling and falling asleep. That is until about 2:30am when I woke up. And I was not only awake, but wide awake. I got up and went to the bathroom and flopped back down on the bed wondering how I was going to get back to sleep. That’s when I noticed that Michael was stirring. Well, that’s all it took, I pounced! I mean I knew what I wanted and what man doesn’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night for sex, right? lol We had a fun rendezvous, a fabulous tryst, and I know I slept so much better afterward. Neither of us were so thrilled when the alarm went off Sunday morning, but c’est la vie.  As far as I was concerned it was a small price to pay for a lovely reconnection with my husband.

Sunday night we headed to bed late. Well, not really any later than usual, but considering Michael needed to get up at 2am the next morning, well, it was late. Around New Year’s when Michael had a talk with me about getting back on track he had said that there would be weekly maintenance. Well, Friday night he hadn’t been home and it didn’t happen Saturday night, so Sunday night was the only opportunity left if it was going to happen sometime last weekend. He’ll likely be gone all week, so the next opportunity may not be until next weekend. Anyway, I really didn’t figure it was going to happen. He hadn’t mentioned it and I knew he had to get up early and it was already late. I was disappointed and showing it a little, though trying not to. What I mean by that is that I was a little distant sometimes, until I caught myself and realized what I was doing. I didn’t want to be upset about it and let that ruin the last bit of our weekend together. I wanted to be understanding and give him grace if he forgot or just decided not to address it.

Then we went up to bed. As usual, I went up a few minutes ahead of him. I got ready for bed, checked on the kids, and climbed into bed. Then Michael came up and got ready for bed, but instead of climbing in next to me he came over to my side of the bed, drew back the covers a little, gave me a kiss and simply said “It’s Sunday night.” By that time I was headed to la la land. Oh, I wasn’t quite there yet, but in my mind he was going to climb into bed, I was going to snuggle and probably be asleep on him in no time. I was not prepared for him to decide to do maintenance. I tried to wake my sleepy brain up and wrap it around what was happening as he checked that the bedroom door was closed tight.

I was struggling between being glad that he hadn’t forgotten and was going to follow through and being annoyed because all I really felt like doing was snuggling up and going to sleep. I pulled the fluffy blanket up over all of me, but then he was by my side again, chuckling and asking if I was hiding. When he pulled the blanket off me I pouted and nodded my head yes. He smiled and pulled me up out of bed and started disrobing me. I was less than pleased. It was a little cool in the bedroom or at least it felt cool to me. I’d been snuggled under the warm blanket and heading off to sleep and now he wanted me up and naked? Hmmph! I pouted some more and put up a bit of a struggle, but soon I was undressed. I thought maybe at least I was headed over his knee so that I’d have some of his body warmth, but no, he wanted me up on my hands and knees on the bed. Hmmph! I was still pouting and protesting, but I was cooperating, sort of.

He started off with the cane and I had a really hard time holding still. It hurt, it stung and mentally I just wasn’t prepared to take it. He had talked to me a little while undressing me, but not all of me was listening. I ended up moving out of position, squirming around, trying to get away, then getting back into position with some encouragement, etc. My behavior only escalated when he switched to the wooden spoon. And after reaching back…a BIG no no…I ended up in corner time. If you recall, the last time I ended up in corner time I ended up with a punishment spanking afterward. And the same thing happened last night. Straddling the corner of the bed, with his hand on my back, he started smacking my bottom with the wooden hairbrush. And if I thought the cane and wooden spoon hurt, if I thought they’d been hard to take, they paled in comparison. At one point I was actually almost in tears. That’s a rare occurrence for me. Oh, not that I don’t cry, but I don’t know that I’ve ever cried during a spanking. I might cry beforehand, when my husband is talking to me. I might cry afterward. But, for whatever reason, I don’t cry while being spanked. Anyway, it was then that Michael paused because I was becoming a bit unruly, begging him to stop and trying to push myself up. He gave me a moment to gain some sense of composure while informing me that I was not the one in control of the spanking and that he would stop when he was ready to stop. Then he started in again. It was really only a few more smacks, but he’d gotten his point across. I let go of the fight and was repentant.

What he did next I wasn’t prepared for. He kept me in position and reached between my legs, rubbing the wetness he found there and started to explore a bit. Well, I shot up and pushed him away and accused him of being selfish. I said that maybe he’d forgotten what I needed after a punishment, but that certainly wasn’t it. He was taken aback. He had forgotten. For whatever reason it just wasn’t on his radar that I needed cuddling and reassurance before being able to move on to other endeavors. He felt badly and apologized, but at the same time he wasn’t pleased with my attitude. We ended up lying on the bed, him trying to cuddle me and make me feel better while I cried, but that’s not what I wanted. I pushed away from him and told him as much. I told him that I felt like I’d disappointed him with my attitude and behavior. I’d protested, whined, tried to move out of position and even reached my hand back. I’d fought him for control the whole time. I said that I was afraid that he’d decide that doing ttwd was too much effort with too little reward. I was just tired and overly emotional at that point. Michael reassured me and wanted to know what I did want, since it wasn’t cuddling. I thought for a moment and asked him to get up. He hesitated a moment, but then got up. And I did too. I positioned myself on my hands and knees on the bed as he’d positioned me earlier and told him that I would hold still for him this time. I wanted a chance to redeem myself. He started off with the cane and then progressed on to the wooden spoon, just as he had earlier. I did squirm a little. It was hard not to. I told him “Oh, and when I said I would hold still for you, well, I meant relatively.” He laughed and said “Of course!” I smiled and he continued spanking me.

This time when he was done I collapsed on the bed and he joined me. We cuddled for a couple of minutes and I said something about him needing to get some sleep. Remember, he had to be up really early. But he had something else in mind. He encouraged me to pleasure him, with my mouth. I imagine I don’t need to say more than that for you to get the idea. He seemed to enjoy himself and I enjoyed hearing the sounds he was making. He stopped me and pulled me up for a kiss and then pulled me up onto him. I started to offer a feeble protest, something about him needing to get some sleep, but as soon as he entered me any coherent thought left. It was a wonderful way to end the evening and we both slept well afterward, though of course his alarm went off way too early.

It was kind of funny actually, when his alarm went off that is. I was sound asleep on him and he had to try to get me off him to reach the alarm and snooze it. Then I snuggled right back up on him again and went right back off to sleep, not having really fully woken up to begin with.  And he had to repeat the effort when his alarm went off again. I do remember it, though barely, and I probably only recalled it because he mentioned it when I talked to him later in the morning. He did get up a bit later than planned, but his day seems to be going well regardless, so that’s good. As for me, I slept in, not getting up until 9am. I know; I’m spoiled.


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