Even in My Dreams???

Well, it’s official, ttwd has penetrated my subconscious!

I had a strange dream last night.

We were at church. After the service Michael had a quick business errand to run and our son wanted to go with him. So, the two of them left and our daughter and I stayed at church and were chatting with people when a friend from high school and his wife and their kids came up to me. Now, understand that they don’t actually go to our church and we’ve only met his wife once and have never met their kids. We are friends on Facebook however, and so we see pictures of the kids and hear about what’s going on with them, etc. Anyway, they came up to me and wanted to know if we wanted to come with them. They were going over to his brother’s house and a bunch of people were coming over to hang out and BBQ and whatever. I told them that Michael had just left with our son and they suggested that our daughter and I go ahead and come with them and Michael and our son could join us when they got back. This seemed reasonable to me, but our daughter wanted to hang out at church with some friends. So, I decided to leave her there since Michael and our son would be returning to church when they finished the errand anyway.

I was at our friends brother's house (actually we knew both brothers from school) for awhile, chatting and catching up with everyone and playing with some of the kids when I realized I hadn't heard from Michael yet. I went to check my phone and realized that I'd left it in my purse which was in the other room. When I went to get it, it was ringing. My husband was calling. I picked up, wondering how long he'd been trying to get a hold of me, but I couldn't understand him.  He was all broken up and fuzzy sounding. I looked at my phone and realized I didn't have many bars of service. So, I walked outside to see if I'd get better reception, but no such luck.

I looked into our friend’s car and saw that the keys were in it and so I got in and backed out of the driveway, almost getting rear ended in the process. I don't think I had my seatbelt on and I had my cell phone up to my ear. I could hear that Michael sounded angry or upset, but I still couldn't really understand what he was saying. I didn't drive too far before seeing a cop up ahead and so I swung around and pulled off onto a grassy spot. I was trying to tell Michael where I was because I hadn't called him to let him know that I was going with our friend and his family to his brother’s house. But, I didn't know if he could understand me because I still couldn't understand him. I remember starting to panic because I didn't know where he was or what was up, if something had happened or something was wrong or if he was just trying to find out where I was. I didn’t know if he'd made it back to church or not and if not, did that mean that our daughter was still at church or had she gone with a friend because they'd closed up the building? Things weren’t going according to plan, my plan that is. I had figured that Michael would call when he got back to church and then I'd let him know where I was and he and the kids would come over too, no big deal. But obviously that wasn’t how things were progressing.

Anyway, I was starting to feel really anxious and frustrated and worried and I wasn’t sure what to do. I was near tears. I also remember thinking that I was going to be in SO much trouble. Michael was obviously upset and though I had thought the plan was a good one I obviously hadn’t really thought it through.  I mean, I hadn’t even clued my husband into what I was doing, where I was going, much less asked for his input. Ooops!

And then, anticlimactic as it is, I woke up.

I really don’t know what to make of the dream. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t know. My stomach was bothering me when I went to bed, so perhaps I can just chalk it up to an unsettled tummy?  I certainly can't envision such a scenario actually playing out.

I’m curious, have you ever had a dream where ttwd played a role? I mean, not necessarily spanking (though that would certainly be interesting too), but the dynamic? Please tell me I'm not the only one!


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