This, That & Some Other Stuff too

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!  We certainly did.  We opened presents with the kids Christmas morning and skyped with my parents afterward.  We always set aside presents from them and they do the same with presents from us and we open them together while we skype.  It’s a great way to be together when we can’t actually be together.  Then my in laws came over and we exchanged gifts with them and the kids showed off all their presents and then we shared a yummy, and way too filling, meal together.   After they left we enjoyed a little down time as a family before heading to bed.  It was a very low key Christmas for us this year since we weren’t traveling and didn’t have a houseful of people over either.  We’d already enjoyed a big gathering with friends and another with family.  And we have a couple of more get togethers to go, but those will be smaller and pretty low key too.  I have to say that it’s nice to space things out a bit, makes for a much less hectic holiday.

Michael had four days off in a row, Saturday through Tuesday.  It was really wonderful that he had the time off and we were able to spend those days together as a family.  I recall a conversation we had at some point…



I miss the spankings.  *pouting*

Oh, you mean the ones you told me you don’t need anymore?  The ones you said we weren’t doing anymore?  *said with a little bit of an edge to his voice*

*biting my lower lip*  Um…uh… 

*batting my eyes and trying to look cute*  Yeah

*making a quick exit from the room and looking back to see him shaking his head with a smirk on his face*

There had been a little spanking going on actually, but not much, just enough to wet my appetite apparently, enough to make me realize just how much I had missed it.

Friends of ours surprised us this year.  A package arrived with an envelope inside taped onto a present wrapped in Christmas paper.  Inside the envelope was a sweet note and another envelope.  Inside that envelope was a generous gift card.  Inside the Christmas paper was a beautiful item for our home that had obviously been made with love and care.  It was an unexpected blessing and really touched our hearts.  It brought tears to my eyes and left me virtually speechless (and as Michael would tell you, that doesn’t happen often).  They didn’t expect anything in return, they just wanted to be a blessing to us.  It was very sweet and spoke of their character and of what the holiday season is really all about.

I’ve been thinking about my sister lately.  She and I are very different people and always have been.  We have very different approaches to life, different priorities, and just think about things and go about things very differently.  Earlier this year I called her out on something and she went off the deep end with her reaction.  In retrospect I probably should have approached her differently or not at all.  It seemed like she unleashed years worth of pent up feelings at me in return.  I was hurt and in an emotional response decided to cut her out of my life…not terribly hard to do since we don’t live anywhere near each other.  After a little time passed I decided I didn't really want to leave things the way I’d left them and I apologized.  I didn’t figure I’d hear back from her and was surprised when she soon apologized too.  But the damage had already been done.  We did send presents to her and her family for Christmas, but we’ve had no contact.  I do love her, but I don’t like her very much right now.  I’m not mad really when I think about her, just sad.  It’s like there’s an emptiness in that spot in my heart now and honestly I don’t know what to do about it.

The new year is almost upon us!  How did that happen?  Where did 2012 go?  Clearly I'm getting old, time is starting to really fly.  A saying I've heard that I can relate to is that the days are long, but the years are short.  It certainly does seem that way at times.  Sometimes I think about trying to make some changes this time of the year, but I don’t really like to call them resolutions.  There are a few things I’ve been mulling over, having to do with diet and exercise and making sure I get some quiet time with God on a regular basis (all things I had been in the habit of…yeah, I’m sure you noticed that I said “had”).  But, I haven’t really made up my mind yet, made a commitment to change yet.  Do you usually make New Year’s resolutions?  Are you making any for 2013?  


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