*knock, knock* Hello! Is anyone there?

Yup, it’s that time of the year again!  I debated last year about whether or not I wanted to participate in LOL 6.  I was quite new to blogland at the time.  My blog wasn’t even 2 months old yet.  Well, I decided to participate and here I am a year later more than happy to participate in LOL 7.

So, what is this Love Our Lurkers event?  Well, it’s really just a time to acknowledge and thank all those people who read our blogs, but who, for whatever reason, don’t step out of the shadows and comment.  It’s also a time to invite those of you who find yourself in that category to step into the light and say hello.

Many of us started out in blogland as lurkers.  I did.  Though I admit I didn’t remain in the shadows for long.  I guess I just have a big mouth!  lol  But, I realize that it can be scary to put yourself out there.  For some people it’s much more comfortable to remain hidden.  However, I encourage you today, whether on my blog or someone else’s, to be brave and step out of the shadows.  This community is so welcoming and I’d love you to feel more a part of it.  You can comment as “anonymous”, but it is nice to have a name to identify someone.  That said, you certainly don’t have to use your real name.  I don’t. 

When I decided to start this blog I created a gmail account specifically for the purpose of blogging and communicating with others from blogland.  It’s easy to do and you can retain that anonymity, but it opens up the door to communicate with others in this community.  And so my husband and I became Michael and Grace. 

I suppose if ttwd was more sociably acceptable perhaps we wouldn’t feel the need to use different names.  But then again, maybe we still would just due to the fact that I share some pretty intimate things here sometimes.

Anyway, I just want to say HELLO, my Lurker friends!  I do know you’re out there and I'm glad that you enjoy my blog.  I will admit though that I’m hoping perhaps a few of you will decide to say hello to me as well.  : )

Oh, and because it’s Friday and I often post a Triple F (Fun Foto Friday) post, and because I’m feeling a bit mischievous, and because I imagine it may spark some conversation, I have one more thing to share…


Thanks to Bonnie for organizing LOL!  You can head over to her blog to find a list of participating blogs.


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