Triple F

(Triple F = Fun Foto Friday)

Did you know that they make DD furniture?  No, no, I'm not talking about things like a spanking bench.  That's clearly for the HOH.  No, what I'm talking about is furniture that's made especially for the submissive in the relationship.

Think  P A D D I N G...

Somehow I don't think Michael will go for it, big meanie that he is!  I keep trying to convince him that we need to get some cushions for our wooden dining room chairs, but he just smiles and tells me that's fine, but they're going to be covered in burlap and we can see how much I like sitting on them with a warmed bare bottom.  Hmmph! See, I told you he was a big meanie!  But...he's MY big meanie!  And he's even home today!  : )

I hope you have a fabulous (and comfortable) weekend!  : )

Photos courtesty of - Madam Rubens collection from soonsalon


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