The Domination Game

That's what it seemed like Michael was playing this weekend.  I'm not sure who he was competing against...himself I suppose, going for a new personal best perhaps?

He came home late Thursday night.  We snuggled on the couch, but I was feeling restless.  I pushed the ottoman away and knelt between his legs, facing him.  I was trying to send him a message.  Well, he got it, loud and clear. 

He pushed my head down onto his lap and held it there for a moment so that I'd understand that he expected me to keep it there.  He kept watching tv and started stroking my hair.  After a little bit he found something for me to do, yes it involved a part of his anatomy that my head had been resting very close to.  He let me pleasure him and afterward he had me turn around and sit on the floor between his legs and he started running his fingers through my hair again.  It was quite delightful actually and very relaxing.  We sat that way for a little bit and then we went upstairs, he wrapped his arms around me and we both drifted off to sleep.

Michael was home Friday, which isn’t so great as far as his paycheck is concerned, but it is for family time.  He let me sleep in, which was nice, except that he wasn't lying in bed beside me when I woke up.  So, I sent him a good morning text in hopes that he'd come up to check on me.  It worked.  Within a couple of minutes he was by my side.  The kids were doing some school work, so Michael and I took advantage of that time with each other.  We were being very playful and just silly.  There was a bit of teasing and wrestling and just fun with the overtone of D/s mixed in of course.

Unfortunately Friday afternoon I started spiraling and had a little meltdown.  It wasn't Michael's fault, it's just our current circumstances. Things are stressful right now and my emotions have been all over the place.  I didn’t say anything to him, I just went up to our room and collapsed on the bed in tears.  Thankfully, it wasn't long before Michael was at my side once again.  He pulled me close and just let me cry on him and when I started to calm down he wiped away my tears.  Once I had settled down he rolled me over and smacked my butt a few times.  Then he rolled me back over and his hand found its way to the wetness between my legs.  Unfortunately by this time we’d heard our daughter come up the stairs and go into her bedroom.  You know, I wanted the kids bedrooms to be close to ours when they were little, but now a bit more space between our room and theirs would be nice.  Anyway, as Michael’s fingers proceeded to rub that little nub and explore the source of the wetness further I struggled to hold still and be quiet.  We didn’t have any background noise, not the tv, not the stereo, nothing.  It was way too quiet and I knew any noise I made our daughter would probably overhear.  

Michael pulled me closer to him and I gripped his arm tightly as he pinned my leg with his.  Then he whispered in my ear “quiet little one.”  I was writhing about, though I couldn’t really get anywhere, and I struggled to be quiet as he continued to rub that little nub and plunge his fingers in and out of the growing wetness.  When I found myself on the brink I buried my face into him so that any noises I made would hopefully be muted.  When I’d gone over the edge and somehow managed not to make hardly a sound I thought he’d stop, but no, he kept right on going, not missing a beat.  Soon I was burying my face in him again and this time I was a little less successful in regard to the noise level.  Michael let up, but only for a moment and then he started to rub that now super sensitive little nub again.  This time though it was too much, I begged and pleaded for him to stop and after a moment, he did.  I felt my body relax and I nuzzled into him.  He held me and kissed my forehead and then chuckled a little.  I looked up at him wondering what was so funny.  He said “not a bad way to end up after starting off in tears, huh babygirl?”  He had a good point and I smiled and gave him a kiss and said “Thank you Daddy.”  He held me and we kissed for a few minutes and then it was time to get up and head back downstairs, miscellaneous household responsibilities awaiting us.

Friday night I was feeling anxious.  Michael had told me that he was going to spank me.  I guess it was a mixture between stress relief, maintenance and just because.  You see, earlier in the week I’d sent him an email…

I’m afraid that what I really need is a spanking that I'll remember for awhile.  I know that's hard to achieve when the kids are home, but, well, put on your thinking cap.  Mind you, I'll probably try to take back this request when it comes time for you to carry it out, but you already knew that, right?  Anyway, of course it's up to you whether you decide to carry it out or not anyway.
Sometimes I think I must be crazy!  lol
I love you!!!

Yeah, so I had asked for it.  And our daughter was spending the night at a friend’s house, so that was one less kid at home.  And our son sleeps pretty soundly as it is and he had a cold and was on cold medicine that knocked him out to boot.  Yup, the opportunity was ripe and Michael was going to take advantage of it.

By the time we went upstairs I was a bit wound up.  I wanted to be good and just submit to the spanking, but I was having a hard time because the other little voice in my head was complaining that I didn’t want a spanking and how it wasn’t fair, etc.  Michael knows pretty easily by now when I’m not fully on board, even if I do try to hide it from him (yeah, I know, not supposed to do that) and he wanted to know what was going on with me, what was wrong.  I didn’t have the words to tell him at first and so I tried to just brush him off and get him to just either spank me already or don’t, but he wasn’t having it.  He wasn’t moving forward without knowing how I was feeling, what I was thinking.  He was very calm, but very persistent as well.  Finally I found some words to explain, trying to not to be disrespectful, but struggling with that a bit when sharing what the little devil on my one shoulder was whispering in my ear.  Michael stopped me when he had the gist of it and could tell that I was headed down a road neither of us really wanted to go.  He was quiet for a minute, thinking, and then said “So, you need some connection before we get started.”  I was dumbfounded because that’s exactly what I needed, though I hadn’t even figured that out in my own head yet.  I just nodded my head.

What Michael did next was equally surprising.  He had me sit on the edge of the bed with my back to him (he was standing on the floor).  He let me keep my shirt on, but that’s all I was wearing.  Then he went over to the dresser and picked up the wooden hairbrush.  The hairbrush had previously only been used for punishment spankings, but he had something else in mind.  He knew what a calming effect it had on me the night before when he kept running his fingers through my hair and he was hoping that brushing my hair would have the same effect.  So there I sat while my husband sweetly, lovingly brushed my hair.  It had the effect he’d been hoping for and before long I was feeling much calmer, much more settled.

Then it was time to get back to our regularly scheduled spanking.  Michael pulled me up off the bed and into his arms and kissed me, asked me if I was feeling better and then told me to take my shirt off.   He put on ESPN and turned the volume up, got out a couple of implements, sat on the bed and looked over at me.  I knew he wanted me to get into position over his knee, but I waited for him to tell me, and just maybe I hesitated a bit and he had to tell me more than once.  While I was in a much better head space to take this spanking, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t still feeling a bit anxious.  It had been awhile since I’d been spanked enough to have that lingering soreness afterward and I knew that was what he was going for.  Again, I know, I’d asked for it, but in that moment, that didn’t really matter to me.  Somehow when the rubber is about to meet the road I often find myself wishing to flee in the opposite direction, whether I was the one to suggest the current destination or not.

Michael talked to me, going over the past week and pointing out some areas that I’d done really well in and some others that could use some improvement.  He told me how proud of me he was and also reminded me of what he expects from me.  Then he started.  He used his hand first and settled into a steady rhythm.  Then he switched to the wooden paddle.  Even though he’d warmed me up prior to using it, that thing still is so ouchy.  I had a hard time holding still, especially when he kept hitting me in the same spot with it.  Once I started to reach my hand back and he quickly swatted both of my thighs.  Putting my hand back is a big no no.  He doesn’t want me to get hurt.  After a few more swats he switched things up again, this time using the wooden spoon.  That was easier to take than the paddle, but he didn’t spank me with it for long before he abandoned the implements and went back to using his hand.  He was spanking harder and faster than he had been earlier with this hand though.  Every now and then he’d stop to let me catch my breath and to admire his handiwork.  By the time he finished, my bottom and the tops of my thighs were quite red and quite warm, hot even.  Yes, it was a spanking I would remember for awhile.

It was clear that Michael had other interests when he was done spanking me.  Some touching and teasing soon turned into some pinching and thrusting.  I have to say that the night ended quite nicely.

Saturday was a busy day with a lot going on and Michael and I found a moment for one another here and there, a look, a touch, a kiss.  Sunday was another busy day and by late afternoon I wasn’t feeling well.  I took some meds and closed myself in our bedroom with the curtains drawn, hoping to block out any noise or sunlight.  Yes, I had a migraine.  After letting me nap for a little while, Michael came up to check on me and to see if I wanted some dinner.  I was feeling a bit better and was grateful that he’d let me rest even though there were things I should have been doing.  I was also grateful that I didn’t have to worry about what to make for dinner.  I decided to join him and the kids for a delicious meal (Michael's a better cook than I am actually) and we snuggled on the couch afterward.  

Later, after the kids went to bed, I sat at Michael's feet for a little bit while he stroked my hair.  Then we headed up to bed, both exhausted and still worried about our current financial situation, but at the same time happy and content with one another.  Michael laid down on his back and I laid beside him on my side, facing him, my leg curled over his, my arm across his stomach with my fingers entwined in his and my head on his chest.  That’s how I often cuddle up to him and fall asleep at night, his arm around me, his hand rubbing my back.  All is not right in the world, even in our little corner of it, but all is right between us and that makes all the difference.

Disclaimer: Despite the name of this post, D/s is not a game with us, although we are playful with it at times.  It just seemed a fitting and fun title to me.  ; )


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