New Toy

This toy isn't brand new, but we haven’t had it for that long and it is the newest member of our toy collection.  

Would you like to see what Michael surprised me with?

It’s an anal plug, the Metal Worx Luv Plug by Pipedream Products.  Michael bought it at an adult store that he stopped at in his travels, but it’s available at many adult stores online as well.  I have to say that I was a bit apprehensive, but it’s actually much more comfortable than the other two plugs we have.  Now that’s not to say that I don’t feel its presence because I certainly do.  However, believe it or not, one night I actually fell asleep for a little while with it in.  On a couple of occasions now I've found myself with a very red bottom and the plug inserted.  And can I just say that there’s something about having this plug in during lovemaking.  I’m not sure if it’s the shape or what, but it doesn't take me very long to find release, over and over again.

One time Michael decided to put it in and just leave it in for a little bit as we went about our evening.  It’s one thing to have a butt plug in while he’s doing other things (or having me do things) that distract me.  It’s a completely different experience to have one in with nothing really to distract from its presence.  I had a really hard time with that when he used one of our other butt plugs.  I ended up having a bit of a meltdown actually.  But with this plug my biggest issue was when I had to go to the bathroom.  It’s kind of heavy and I was afraid it would come out or I’d push it out or something, even though I just had to pee.  I tried to get Michael to let me take it out first, but the answer was no, so I ended up in an awkward position using my hand to hold it in while I went.  I think Michael was quite amused by the whole thing, but I would have been mortified if it had fallen into the toilet.

Anyway, I don’t really want to say that I *like* this plug because I have kind of a love/hate relationship with anal play in general, but I do like this plug a lot more than the other plugs I've had.  It’s more comfortable and it seems like I could wear it for longer periods of time without it bothering me so much.  Michael said that he plans to test that out, which had me feeling rather anxious, but he really hasn't used it that much yet.  I think maybe he doesn't want me getting too used to it, maybe he's afraid that it wouldn't have the same effect as it does on me now if he uses it too often.  Honestly, I’m not sure that would ever happen, but sssshhhhh, don’t tell him that!

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