Date Night

Where to start?  There have been a lot of changes going on and I’m not sure what I want to share and what I don’t.  And in an unprecedented move, I haven’t been analyzing everything to death.  So, this all leaves me in a bit of a quandary.  Hmmm, maybe I should just blame my fogginess on this cold and the medicine I've been taking.

Lately Michael and I have taken a slightly different turn in our journey with ttwd and it’s been a good change for both of us.  Where we are now feels very natural, very comfortable.  He’s taking charge and I’m following his lead.  We've been working together as a team and communicating well. When one of us has gotten upset, or there’s been an issue, we've resolved things quickly and completely.  He’s more present, more aware and quicker to step in, step up, he’s quicker to care and comfort as well.  I’m softer and more respectful, quicker to check myself, my attitude and my behavior, quicker to apologize and to open up.  It’s like we turned a corner and there was a beautiful valley spread out before us and we instantly felt at home.  We've been settling into a nice cabin on the edge of a lush forest, rearranging the furniture a bit, doing some touch up work here and there, making it our own, but what we really enjoy is snuggling up together by the fire in the fireplace at the end of the day.  It’s that feeling of comfort and warmth, of just feeling at ease with each other, of being home and able to relax and just be yourself that both Michael and I are feeling and enjoying.

Friday night was date night. We packed the kids off to spend the night at their grandparents and Michael and I went to dinner and a show. Well actually, after the kids were gone we found a bit of time to reconnect before heading out.  Michael seemed to be enjoying not having to worry about noise and I don’t even know how many different implements he used.  The problem for me was that my bottom was chilly when he began which meant that everything felt more stingy.  Ouch!  I will say that I enjoyed aspects of it though, like his dominance and those lovely endorphins.  But, I enjoyed our lovemaking afterward much more.  There wasn't much time for cuddling afterward though, we needed to shower and get ready to go.

Dinner was wonderful. We went to a nice restaurant and sat and talked, smiled and held hands across the table, and just enjoyed one another, our food and the atmosphere.  Then it was time to head to the show.  One of Michael’s favorite comedians was in town, performing at a lovely old theater.  It’s the kind they just don’t build anymore with beautiful architecture and ornate details throughout.  The show was fabulous.  I haven’t laughed that much or that hard in a long time.  Michael was surprised at how much I laughed out loud. I will often find things funny, but I don’t often actually laugh out loud at a joke.  Well, I laughed out loud a lot.  Michael did too.

After the show, we headed for home.  It was late. The show had lasted much longer than we thought it would.  Not that we were complaining mind you.  We’d had a great time.  But, by the time we got home, between having a cold and being tired, well, I wasn't really feeling up for much of anything, other than getting some sleep.  It’s not the way either of us had envisioned that part of our evening, but we decided to call it a night.  Michael did decide to take advantage of the fact there were no kids in the house though and had me sleep naked.  I’m always in pajamas or a nightshirt.  I’m more comfortable that way and as a mom, you just never know when you’re going to be needed in the middle of the night. I did protest, but feebly, and before long I was snuggled up with Michael, soaking in his warmth and heading off to dreamland.

Today Michael is traveling for work again.  He’s several states away, in the state we got married in actually.  I would have loved to go with him, but it just wasn't in the cards.  I have responsibilities here and some things on my calendar that can’t just be rescheduled. So, I’m missing him today, but I don’t think he’ll be gone all week.  Hopefully I’ll be over this cold by the time he comes home again.


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