Triple F

Triple F = Fun Foto Friday

Okay, if you don't get it, read it out, perhaps you should make sure no one is around to hear you first though.  lol  Get it now? It's clever, but I can't imagine wearing it.  Perhaps there's someone who has worn this on a dare and their picture can be found on the people of wal-mart website? Or maybe it's come in handy for some fraternities and/or sororities as part of a hazing ritual? I don't know. Who do you picture wearing this shirt? Would you wear it?

I'm not a grandma yet.  That's a good thing because my kids are too young and not ready to be parents yet. And, I imagine this pillow wouldn't help me out at all anyway.  In fact, it would probably just encourage Michael to prove it wrong. Big meanie! Wait... maybe I do need this pillow!  lol  What do you think?

Have a great weekend!  :)

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