1st Blogiversary!

*singing*  Happy Blogiversary to me, Happy Blogiversary to me, Happy 1st Blogiversary to meeeee, Happy Blogiversary to me!

Yes, I’m being silly, but it’s my party and I’ll be silly if I want to!  Okay, perhaps goofy is a better description.  lol

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I started this blog.  I’m completely blown away by the support and friendship that I’ve found here in blogland.  I remember when I got my first comment.  I was in shock.  Someone had actually read AND commented???  No way!  I think at that moment I was hooked.  ; )

I wrote a ton the first few months.  Michael and I had just started incorporating DD into our relationship and I was trying to process everything.  I also felt like I really needed the feedback.  I devoured everything I could find on DD at that time.  I remember staying up way too late some nights reading and finally forcing myself to get off the computer and go to bed.  Those first few months felt so intense, like a whirlwind.  At some point I started to wonder if I’d still have anything to say after the honeymoon period of DD wore off or if I’d burn out.  Well, obviously I’ve still found things to write about.  I still find myself needing to process things and I certainly still value the feedback as well.  I don’t write as many blog posts as I used to and most aren’t as long either, but, happily, I’m still here.

I give my husband a lot of credit.  He’s been a huge support.  He reads every blog post I write and though he rarely posts a comment on my blog, he always sends me an email or text in response to what I’ve written.  My blog has really been a great communication tool for us.  I don’t imagine he’ll write a blog post himself anytime soon, but I’m thankful that he has been open to a couple of Q & A’s.  Answering questions sounds easy enough, but I know he spent a lot of time thinking through how he really felt and what he really wanted to say.  I’m so grateful and thankful to have such a wonderful, loving, caring, supportive man in my life.

I also have to wonder just where we’d be on this journey if not for all of you in blogland.  I hope you know just how much all your comments, emails, and support has meant to me in the past year.  I’ve learned so much from you, whether you shared something in response to something I wrote or I read your blog.  The camaraderie is priceless.  It’s good not to be alone, to be able to share about struggles and victories, joys and sorrows, and, dare I say, pleasure and pain.

Soooo, perhaps I will share some stats…not to brag…I’m as surprised as anyone that people seem to enjoy reading here.  But, I am very grateful!

Posts: this is # 231

Comments: 2835

Followers: 98

Pageviews: 74,466

Top 10 Countries with Pageviews: USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, France, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark

#1 Search Word used to find my blog: loopy johnny (and #2 is butt plug girl...oh.my...lol)

Michael and I have recently embarked on our second year of doing ttwd and I have to say, so far so good!  

And as I embark on my second year of blogging, I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!!   
I hope you know how much you're appreciated!  : )


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