Via email yesterday evening...
(blue text is me, purple is Michael)

I'm sorry I fail you all the time.
STOP it, right now!  You do not fail me all the time.  I love you!
I'm sorry.  I love you too!

And then…

I’m feeling lonely.  I miss you.  Why do I have the feeling that it's going to be a long week followed by a short weekend?  *sigh*

I need you to hold me, to love me, to spank me and to make love to me.

Ttwd is so hard when we don't have any time for one another.  In my post today I said I wondered if it was worth it.  What do you think?  You must have an opinion.

I do have an opinion, shocking I know.  It is very hard when we don't have the time we need, but I 
think it is still worth it, heartache and all. 
I miss you too; it has been too long since we've had time together. 
I love you!
And later, via text…


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