No News Is Good News

Things have been pretty quiet around here, well, on the DD front anyway.  Life in general has been quite busy though.  I’m never quite sure if July or December is the busiest time of the year for us.  This year July‘s busyness has spilled over into August…not the first time that’s happened.  I’m afraid I’ll blink and summer will be over.  I do like fall, except that it means that other season is coming up, you know, the one with snow and cold weather…yeah, let’s not think about that just yet actually.

Michael and I seem to be in a good place, though it sometimes feels a bit precarious.  This weekend we’re going away.  No, it’s not a romantic getaway.  What is that anyway?  No, we’re taking the kids and the dogs and headed to spend the weekend with family and friends.  I’m looking forward to it and I know Michael is too, though privacy will be hard to come by.  I’m not worried or upset about it though.

It’s not that I don’t care; it’s just that I’m trying to be more accepting.  I shared with you how I was upset about Michael not being able to be home for the whole weekend a couple of weekends ago.  Well, last weekend he wasn’t able to be home for the whole weekend either and I decided to just try to appreciate the time I did have with him, rather than be upset about the time we didn’t get to spend together.  You know what?  I had a much better weekend.  I think Michael did too.  It really doesn’t do me any good to get upset about things I have no control over.  This weekend Michael and I won’t really have much privacy, but we’ll have the whole weekend to spend together.  And for that, I’m thankful.

There have been a few times lately when I’ve been a bit short with my husband.  These were generally times when either I was busy or stressed and he was interrupting or making an addition or change to my plans and I didn’t appreciate it.  A couple of times I managed to stop myself and change my behavior and a couple of times I didn’t realize my attitude until later and then said I was sorry.  He’s been busy and stressed too and I’m not sure if he even really noticed I was being short with him until I either did an “about face” or apologized.  *shrug*

Generally speaking, the few disagreements that we have had lately have been short lived, nothing major.  To tell you the truth, I think we’re both tired.  If Michael was home tonight I’m pretty sure both of us would just be happy to snuggle up in each other’s arms and fall asleep.  His schedule has been crazy and mine has been at times too.  I’m also getting over a cold that really sapped my strength for a couple of days.  Hopefully this weekend we'll both be able to recharge our batteries. 

I also think that we’re both feeling pretty content, comfortable in our roles and not really needing much reinforcement right now.  It’s not like DD has disappeared, the dynamic is still very much there, it's just not waving its hands and jumping up and down yelling “look at me, look at me!”  Lately DD has been more behind the scenes, in the little things, that aren’t really little things at all.  It’s been more about our interaction with one another and about the overall dynamic.

Oh, Michael did tell me that I don’t have to wear a necklace whenever I go out anymore.  I can wear the necklace he gave me or another necklace or no necklace at all.  Funny, when I do choose to wear a necklace, somehow I still think of him when I put it on.  And sometimes when I don’t wear one, I feel like something is missing.  I guess it had become a habit.  Actually, it’s kind of nice to have little reminders of him when he’s away, like the necklace he gave me with his initial engraved on it.

Hopefully I haven’t bored you to tears with this blog post.  I’d love to have something more exciting to share with you, but there just hasn’t been the opportunity for such things lately.  The weekend after this one may hold some promise of a bit of alone time for us.  *fingers crossed*  But, perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.  Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend!


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