Kissing, etc.

Surprise!  Michael was able to come home last night!  Our son was the most excited I think.  He hadn’t gotten to see daddy over the weekend and he was thinking that he probably wouldn’t get to see him until this coming weekend. 

I was wondering if Michael and I would get to enjoy some sexy adult time together, but he was pretty tired and needed to get to bed at a decent time because he had to get up very early.  Often when he comes home during the week he sacrifices sleep to do so.  While I appreciate him making that sacrifice I also worry about him.  I’m a person who needs a good night’s sleep to function well the next day.  I don’t know how Michael manages on so little sleep sometimes.

I have a question.  Do any of you find yourself kissing much more…that is, more often and for longer periods of time?  I ask because sometimes now Michael and I will just kiss and kiss and kiss some more.  Oh, it may lead to other activities, but sometimes it’s just the kissing.  To be honest, it actually kind of confused me at first.  I was too caught up in the whole “where is this going” question.  But now I just go with it and enjoy.

Due to Michael’s schedule this week I imagine I won’t see him again until Friday night or sometime Saturday.  I was doing fine with that this morning until I read Riley's recent post.  It's about her and Cael and it was so sweet and it made me miss Michael.  Actually, he called just after I read her post and I had all I could do to not let the tears come.  I was surprised by my reaction and am feeling better now, letting my mind dwell on how it felt to fall asleep in his arms last night rather than thinking about the fact that it will be several days before I can do that again.

Tomorrow our daughter has a doctor’s appointment.  We’ll find out the results of the recent testing she had done and see where we go from here.  Prayers are appreciated!  While this is not a life or death situation, anything health wise with my kids puts me on edge.  I just want some answers and a plan to help her feel better.

And on that note, I need to get off the computer, get my grocery list together and head to the store.  Normally I go shopping and run errands on Friday, but since that didn’t happen we’re almost out or out of several things.  If we ever get the pantry space renovated (it’s more of a recycling/junk space right now) I’ll be able to buy some stuff in bulk because I’ll have the space to store it.  But, in the meantime I go grocery and household shopping once a week.  Of course even when the pantry is finished I’ll still need to pick up fresh/dated stuff more often, but it would be nice to keep extra shelf stable supplies on hand.

Okay, I really do need to go now...yes, I'm telling myself that more so than you.  Let's just say that I'm not feeling all that motivated.  Anyway, I hope Tuesday is treating you well!  :)


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