...And Stirred

If you haven’t read yesterday’s post, you might want to before reading this one since this is a continuation of what I shared already.

We got a few hours of sleep and then the alarm was going off.  It was hard to get up after so little sleep and such an emotional night.  But, we had no choice really.  I was still feeling shaken, but Michael was being sweet and handling me carefully.

It was July 1st.  Perhaps you remember that when Michael had given me my necklace (a.k.a. my public collar) he’d said that I needed to wear it at all times (with the exception of going in the pool and showering) until July 1st.  I had no idea what July 1st would bring, but I was about to find out.  He had me kneel on the floor in front of him as he sat on the side of the bed.  He ran his fingers through my hair and he kissed me.  Then he said that he was changing the rule about my necklace.  He said that I’d done well and that he was proud of me for wearing it as he’d asked me to, told me to really.  He said that now I can decide when to wear it.  He said I don’t have to wear a necklace at all when I’m home, but that if I’m going out, leaving our home, our property, that I need to have a necklace on, either the one he gave me or one of my choosing.  He asked me if I understood and I nodded my head yes.  He had me repeat the new rule, so that he was sure I had indeed understood and then he smiled.  I was thinking about this new rule and said that meant that I could take the necklace off right then if I wanted to do so.  He said yes.  I decided to leave it on.

We had a great time with the little kids at church.  Then we grabbed some lunch and met up with a family who were interested in our daughter’s guinea pigs (the two she had, had babies…guess they aren’t both boys after all!).  The family seemed very nice and they’re definitely animal lovers.  They decided to take two piggies home with them.  Nice!  We had a couple of quick errands to run after that and then we headed for home.  I was so tired and had a headache as well.  When we got home I headed for bed.  I didn’t intend to fall asleep, I just wanted to relax and enjoy a little peace and quiet.  Michael came in and spooned me.  I knew he had things to get done though, so I got up after a little bit and tried to get him to get going.  He was pretty resistant and so I started to tickle him.  He is SO ticklish!  Before long he was up and so I flopped back down on the bed.  He wanted to know just what I thought I was doing.  I didn’t say anything, just snuggled into the bed and my pillow.  Michael was going to change his clothes or so I thought.  But suddenly there he was, standing next to my side of the bed, naked.  Apparently he had other ideas.  He helped me up and then down on my knees on the floor in front of him.  He wanted to make sure that I knew, that I understood, what our roles are, that I belonged to him.  I was a little unsure, but I wanted to please him and I longed for the intimacy as well.  It was wonderful, he was wonderful.  I lay on the bed afterward, completely spent.  He got cleaned up and dressed and went downstairs to attend to the things that he needed to get done, covering me up and giving me a kiss before he left.  I think he said something about me coming down soon and I managed an “mmmm” in response.

I don’t have any idea how long I lay there, or if I dozed off or not.  But the next thing I knew, Michael was by my side again, checking on me.  Apparently he was going to have dinner ready soon and wanted to make sure that I was awake and coming downstairs.  He went back downstairs and I got cleaned up and headed down too.  Michael and the kids and I had a nice dinner together and watched an episode of Mythbusters.  Have you seen that show?  My kids LOVE it.  It is pretty interesting sometimes, and sometimes a bit ridiculous too, but I enjoy watching it with them.  After dinner we all did our own thing for a little while and then it was time for the kids to go to bed.  Michael needed to finish a project he was working on and then he and I snuggled on the couch for a little bit.  We were so tired, having had a short night the night before, and we both ended up dozing off for a little bit.  When we went up to bed Michael wanted to be sure that I was okay, after all that we’d gone through emotionally.  We talked a little and he rolled me over, pulled down my pj bottoms and spanked me a little.  It hurt, but it felt good too.  Hopefully if you’re reading here you understand what I mean.  It was short and he used his hand, but he made sure that I felt it, that it left an impression.  I don’t know that it was maintenance, but perhaps it doesn’t need a name.  It’s what I needed, what we both needed I think, at the time.  Then we kissed a bit and snuggled together and fell asleep.  It was a good ending to a very topsy turvy weekend.


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