Terms of Endearment

Sweetheart, my love, handsome, beautiful…these are some of the words Michael and I use when addressing one another.  They are descriptive words, often used in place of our names.  “Welcome home, handsome.”  “See you tomorrow, beautiful.”  “Come here, my love.”  “How was your day, sweetheart?”

Mind you, sometimes when he calls me beautiful I playfully respond with “That’s beautiful gorgeous to you!”  And we both have a chuckle.  You see, Beautiful Gorgeous is a villainess in the cartoon Jimmy Neutron.  It’s amazing what gets stuck in your head from the cartoons that you end up watching or hearing when your children are little!  lol

One of the things that I’ve called Michael for years is “daddy.”  And sometimes he calls me “babygirl.”  Now, just to be clear, this is not an age play thing with us.  For us, these are terms of endearment just like sweetheart, my love, etc.  I’m not looking for a father figure and he’s not looking to fill that role.  I don’t wear pigtails and he doesn’t tuck me into bed at night with my blankie, etc.  Now, I know some people are into that sort of thing, and I’m not placing judgment, but neither of us have any interest in it.

I’m not sure why I wanted to call Michael “daddy.”  We didn’t have children yet.  I remember I was nervous to tell him that I felt like calling him that and I remember he was a little freaked out by it at first.  We talked about it a little and I'd try it out, here and there, rather tentatively.  And every now and then I would ask him if he was okay with it.  He would say yes, but I know it took a little while for him to get used to hearing it.  That’s okay, it took a little while for me to get used to saying it, especially without feeling self conscious.  By now it’s no big deal at all, something we don’t think a thing about.  I don’t call him daddy around others though unless I’m using it with the children, such as “It’s okay with me, but you better check with daddy first.”

So, what about Sir?  Is that a term of endearment?  It’s not something I say all the time, but it’s how Michael expects to be addressed at times.  It’s a word that rolls off my tongue easily at times and yet there are other times when I struggle to get it out of my mouth.  There are times I think it and hold back and don’t say it.  And there are times when I feel like trying it out more and so I surprise Michael by saying it when he’s not necessarily expecting it.  I don’t call him Sir in front of others though, even the children, and he doesn’t expect me to either.  It’s really more about respect and acceptance of his role as HOH and my role as being submissive to him than it is a term of endearment I think.

One thing that I’ve taken to calling Michael lately, that you may be amused by, is Mr. President.  lol  I use it like I would use Sir…”Yes, Mr. President.”  “No, Mr. President.”   I imagine you’re wondering how this came about.  Well, I read a poston Hermione’s blog and she gave the link to a site called Bad Translator.  You type something in and it will keep translating it into different languages until it finally translates it back to English.  And the end result is sometimes quite different from what you entered originally.  Well, of course I just had to try it out and so I typed in “Thank You, Sir.  May I have another.”  And 8 translations later it had changed to “Thank you, Mr. President.  Another can do?”  And I commented that I wondered what Michael’s reaction would be if I started calling him Mr. President.  Hermione seemed to think that he’d love it.  And though there’s an element of silliness to it, I think he does like it.  I’m not making fun of him or insinuating that I don’t take his status as HOH seriously.  I’m sure if my tone was off he wouldn’t like it one bit, but the same would be true if my tone was off when I called him Sir or just about anything else.

I’m curious what some of your favorite terms of endearment are, either to call your spouse or that they call you.  Is this an area of change since you started doing ttwd?  Oh, and do let me know if you try out the bad translator…sometimes a bit of silliness can lighten one’s mood after all.  ; )


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