What's a Spanko to Do?

Maybe I should send the kids to their grandparents and…

Walk around the house naked?  No, not naked.  But I could buy a frilly apron and wear just that around the house!

Head upstairs before him and set all the implements out on the bed?  No, not ALL the implements…but maybe a select few!

Flood his inbox with blog posts and stories?  No, I don’t think he’d appreciate that.  But, I bet he wouldn’t mind me sending him a few.

Greet him when he gets home by handing him an implement?   No, it would be better to at least give him a hug and kiss first…and then hand him an implement.

The time we have together seems so short sometimes, filled with other things and other people.  And too often, like last night, we have to put off play time and then it ends up not happening.  We’d both looked forward to it, but we ended up falling asleep instead, worn out from a good, but long day.  On the one hand, I was happy that he was home during the week.  I wish that was possible every week.  And I had enjoyed spending time with him and falling asleep in his arms.  On the other hand, I’ve been trying to entice him to spank me, with hopes of other things to follow of course, and have only managed to get a few swats here and there.  He’s such a tease!  *sigh*

I won’t see him again until Saturday evening, and we’re getting together with some friends.  He’ll have gotten up very early that morning and we’ll be out late that night, so I have no real hope of anything happening on Saturday.  Sunday…well, a girl can hope, right?  I can always persuade him to dance that intimate dance of love with me…but a bit of spanking would be the icing on the cake.

I wonder if next week I’ll be writing a post about being careful what you wish for or if I’ll still be pining away.

Maybe I should just send him this blog post and wait and see what happens...


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