The Apron

I have this friend.  Let’s call her, oh, I don’t know…Susie.  She and I got together recently, this past week to be exact.  As it turns out, she brought me a present.  There sat the lovely little gift bag, looking so sweet and innocent.  I was curious what was inside, but unsure if I really wanted to know, especially when I saw the smile on her face after I asked “Is this a present for me or is it really more for Michael?”  What I pulled out of the bag was a cute, retro style, apron.

You see, I wrote a post recently called What’s a Spanko to Do? And in it I may have said something like…

      Maybe I should send the kids to their grandparents and…

Walk around the house naked?  No, not naked.  But I could buy a frilly apron and wear just that around the house!

Well, apparently Susie decided that she could help me out with that!  Let me tell you, she’s a mischievous one, don’t be fooled.  And she likes to say that I’m more feisty than she is, but I think the truth is that I just tend to be more bold about it while she prefers to fly under the radar.  And I’m pretty sure she thought she could be more stubborn than me, but it didn’t exactly pan out that way.  She’s really a sweetheart, and if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should certainly do so.  We enjoyed the afternoon together and hope to do it again soon.  : )

So, I suppose you’re wondering what Michael thought of the apron, yes?  I had thought about saving it for a special occasion and surprising him, but I was really curious what he would think and I have a hard time keeping things from him anyway (which, of course, he's quite pleased about).  Well, he thought it was cute over clothing, but he really liked it without anything on underneath.    I know, hard to believe, isn't it?  lol He even embraced some role play, bending me over and using a couple of kitchen utensils to redden my bottom.

I’ve never had an apron before.  Well, perhaps I had one as a little girl.  I’m not sure if there will be more aprons in my future, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this apron again.  Thanks Susie!  (I think!  LOL)


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