Saturday ends with OUCH

The kids and I went to a friend’s son’s birthday party Saturday afternoon and afterward a group of us gathered at their house.  Michael was working and joined us a little before dinner.  When he arrived I went out to greet him.  Good, right?  But, I may have already had a couple of adult beverages by then and apparently it showed in my attitude.  I was obviously happy to see him, but I may have tread just a little too closely to that line that delineates respect from disrespect.  He grabbed my chin and turned my face up to his and said “If that’s how you’re going to act, we’ll leave.”  *cue the backpedaling*  Ooops!  That was not the first impression I was trying to make.  I apologized and retreated back inside where I pouted a little and was comforted by friends.  He hung out in the garage with a couple of the guys for a little bit before making his way inside.

I was watching my P’s & Q’s for awhile, or, more accurately, for the rest of the evening.  Oh, I was sassy and feisty with my girlfriends, but I avoided directing any of it at my husband.  We had a very nice evening actually, a lot of fun.  We always do with this group of friends.  We’re pretty comfortable with one another.  It’s kind of an eclectic group really, but it works. 

It was pretty late by the time we got home and everyone was tired.  We let the dogs out and got the kids off to bed.  Then we played with the dogs a little.  They were excited to see Michael and happy we were home.  They had spent most of the day cooped up inside all by themselves after all.  Fortunately, it’s not too hard to wear our dogs out and before long they’d collapsed on the ottomans and we collapsed on the couch.  We didn’t linger there for too long though, it was after midnight already.

When Michael came into the bedroom I was already tucked in under the covers, waiting for him to come snuggle, having nearly fallen asleep before he’d even made it upstairs.  I was expecting him to lay down next to me and pull me close, but instead he was standing next to my side of the bed and bending down to give me a kiss.  As I soon found out, he was trying to discern just how awake or asleep I really was.  After deciding that I was awake enough (HUH???), he made sure the bedroom door was closed and put the TV on a sports channel.  Alarm bells started going off in my head, pretty sure my heartbeat increased, my breath surely quickened, and I began pleading and protesting.  You see, Michael’s not really a sports guy, but he almost always turns on ESPN or the like for background noise when he’s going to spank me.

My feeble efforts were wasted, as he pulled me up out of bed and stripped me of my pj’s.  Before long I was over his knee, and maintenance had begun.  I hadn’t been really spanked in awhile, just a few swats here and there, and I was having a really hard time staying still.  Those swats stung!  And sometimes it seemed like he kept hitting the same spot over and over again.  Ouch!  I squirmed and wiggled until he pinned my hands and legs so that I could hardly move.  I wondered if he was going hard on me, or if I just wasn’t accustomed to such treatment anymore.  Afterward Michael replied (with a bit of a smirk on his face), “Sweetheart, that was nothing.  I was going easy on you.”  Oh.  Hmmph!  Hey, it’s not my fault that my bottom isn’t used to it anymore!  Wait, no, never mind, I’m not so sure I want to share that sentiment, at least not with Michael!  Often maintenance is followed up by some lovemaking, but this time we skipped right to falling asleep in one another’s arms.


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