??? – Fashionably Late

I realize that March was question month and it’s now April.  But, I did ask if anyone had any questions for me last month.  Some of you did, and it was fun answering them.  I had asked Michael if he’d be willing to answer questions as well and he said that he would.  But by the time I was going to post, it was almost the end of the month and we were both under a lot of stress.  So, as I’m sure you understand, taking questions and answering them just wasn't in the cards.  However, now that things have settled down a bit, Michael is willing to field questions.  So, if you happen to have any questions for him, please ask away, either via a comment to this post or via email.  : )

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Michael has answered questions once before.  Let’s see, that was in December of last year, so a few months ago now.  Here’s the post where he answered them, if you’re interested (or even if you’re not interested, lol): Answers from Michael.


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