Fashionably Late - ??? Answered

Thanks to all of you who asked questions!  Michael seemed to enjoy answering them.  Okay, on to the answers...

Sarah,LD,UK asked: How do you maintain a calm authority when work takes you away from home? 
I have certain expectations of Grace.  For instance, she now follows a daily schedule and then fills me in every morning about what happened the day before, how things went and what she accomplished.  This has really helped both of us.  I’m able to be more involved in what goes on at home while I’m gone and my expectations are clear to her.  It also helps us to maintain the dynamic even though I’m away and when I remain calm I can get my point across much better.  I don’t tend to get as upset these days anyway because I now have a way to deal with problems when they arise.

How do you manage the situation and nurture your connection?
We talk, text and email several times a day, and we talk every night.  Also, sometimes I have her do some sort of submission exercise and report back to me when the task is complete.  It generally helps her to feel more submissive and connected to me.

If you expect certain things of her how does this reconcile with the fact that you are HOH and in the driving seat?
I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but to me having expectations of her is part of being the HOH.


Christina asked: I'll ask this for April and its for both of you to answer. According to Think Quest's Bizarre Holidays website, April 3rd was Don't Go To Work Unless Its Fun Day. Since it doesn't specify what country this is for, we can assume its an International Holiday. How did each of you spend the day?
It was a normal day for both of us really.

If you're also interested, April 7th is NO Housework Day. Which one of you would get the day off from the household chores and what would you want to do instead?
As it was a Saturday we both would have benefited, although Grace would benefit the most as she does the lion’s share of the housework.  I’d rather do most anything with the family than housework.
We spent the day helping out with a Spring Festival at our church...egg hunt, bouncy houses, face painting, etc.  But, I'll have to check out that website!  lol


Elysia asked: OK, for my "future" questions, I have two; 1) Like Henry and I, you (as a couple) had a D/s style past before you incorporated Dd.  How did that come about? 
D/s appealed to both of us, but it was something we had used strictly for pleasure.  Now, I believe it goes hand in hand with DD.

2) Thinking of yourselves (as a couple again) two years in the future, do you picture "you" as pretty much the same in your relationship in technically Dd ways, or are there significant changes in your future?
I don’t think there are any significant changes headed our way, but several months ago I never would have thought things would have changed as much as they have.


Zoe asked: Thanks for taking questions. I like Sarah's. Alex travels all the time so he is gone a lot like you. This means there is an awful lot that must be handled without our HoHs so those answers will be helpful.  What do you do when she has been good and you want to show her how pleased you are?
I give her compliments and sometimes I’ll surprise her or do something extra around the house to help her out.  We’ve talked about “good girl” spankings but have not tried them out as of yet.
He's very good about encouraging me and lifting my spirits and helping me to feel better about myself. That's something I struggle with at times because I can be very hard on myself.

What is the biggest change in her and in you since you started Dd?
Grace shows me a lot more respect.  I think I am a better listener and pay more attention to her.


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