Don't Make It Boring

The task…

Get naked

Insert small butt plug

Get naughty stick out

Contemplate our upcoming “talk” and the reasons for it

10 minutes

8 minutes in, a knock on the bedroom door

“Mom?  Can I come in?”

“No, why?”

“A spot between my toes hurts.”

“Okay, go back to bed and I’ll be there in a minute.”


Task interrupted

Michael’s not home, but he had decided I was in need of a task tonight, a submission exercise if you will.  And I actually told him “Don’t make it boring.”  Yes, I can be quite brazen at times.  Boring, this task was not.  Anything that involves a butt plug is not boring as far as I’m concerned.  And contemplating a “talk” and the reasons behind it taking place while looking at the implement (one of the implements?) that he plans to use to get his point across…well, let me say, not boring.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, this task came to an early and abrupt end.  Being a parent certainly is not boring either.


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