The Cabin: Part III – The Great Outdoors

He led her out the back door of the cabin.  Her heartbeat quickened at just the thought of being out in the open air this way, wearing only her matching black lace bra and panties, high heels, the collar and a blindfold.  All she really knew was that they were outside and that he was leading her away from the cabin.  She could tell that they were walking on some kind of hard surface, not on the lawn.  As nervous as it made her, it was also exciting.  He’d asked her if she trusted him and she did.  She knew he would keep her safe, that he had her best interests at heart.  But she also knew he was pushing her boundaries, forcing her to rely on him more, forcing her to let go of that control she tried so desperately at times to hold onto.

He hadn’t lead her very far when he stopped and told her to be still.  As he let go of her she became anxious, she was nervous at the loss of his touch.  But then his hands were on her again.  Wait, what was he doing?  He was undoing her bra!  She panicked and a plea escaped her lips, “Please Sir!”  He didn’t stop, but said “Please what?  Oh, I know, you must have meant please take my bra off.”  She shook her head no vigorously, remembering that she wasn’t supposed to have spoken.  “No, huh?” he asked “Well then, you must have meant please undress me.”  She continued to shake her head no, but her bra was already off by this time, exposing her sumptuous breasts.  “You know, I had thought about only taking your bra off, little one.  But it seems to me that I told you that you weren’t allowed to speak unless I directed you to do so.  And yet, didn’t a couple of words just escape your lips?”  He waited for her reply and she stopped shaking her head no, a sigh escaping her lips.  She lowered her head and slowly nodded yes.  “Yes, I thought so” he said, “and that’s why those panties are coming off too.”  She made little noises of protest, but didn’t say a word as he pulled her black lace panties down.  She lifted her feet for him, one at a time, so that he could take them off, exposing her fully.  With her bra and panties removed, all she was left wearing were those lovely black heels, her new collar and the blindfold.

Then she felt him grasp her wrists and he pulled her arms out straight in front of her.  He let go and she held them there.  She knew that when he placed her in a position he expected her to maintain that position and she didn't want to disappoint him.  Then she heard something, it sounded like he’d picked something up.  She didn't have to wait long to find out as he attached cuffs to both of her wrists.  She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.  She needed to keep calm, not panic.  He placed her hands back at her sides and then she felt him kneel down beside her and he attached cuffs to each of her ankles as well.  He stood back up and stepped back to look her over.  He asked if the cuffs were too tight and she shook her head no.  Then he wrapped his arms around her, held her close, kissed her deeply, and told her that he loved her.  She almost replied that she loved him too, but remembered just in time that he’d told her not to speak, that in fact, she’d just gotten chastised for having spoken.  So, so she merely smiled and lifted her hand and signed I love you too, to him instead.  He let out a laugh and it set her a bit more at ease.

Her comfort didn’t last long though.  He led her forward again, just a little farther, only a few steps really and had her turn around so that she was facing the cabin, not that she could see it.  Try as she might, she couldn't see anything with the blindfold on.  He told her to spread her legs and she did as he requested.  He then proceeded to attach something to each of the ankle cuffs she wore.  From the sound of it, she assumed it was chain.  She took another deep breath and again let it out slowly.  As she wondered what she was being chained to, he grasped one of her wrists and pulled it out to the side and up a little.  He attached something to the wrist cuff, but she wasn't sure what it was because it hadn’t made the same sound, perhaps it was some kind of rope.   Then he did the same thing with her other wrist and she was in place.  This was how he wanted her.  Her legs were spread, each of her arms were out to the side and raised so that her hands were just above the height of her head.  She struggled a little against her restraints, not really trying to get free, just testing them.  It was clear that she wasn't going anywhere.  He smiled, enjoying the view.

The next thing she felt was his mouth on her nipple.  It was warm and wet and he teased her with his tongue and then with his teeth, nibbling a little.  As he moved his mouth to her other nipple the cool air made the nipple he’d been sucking on hard.  The same thing happened when he released her other nipple.  Then she felt his firm, strong hands grasping both of her nipples.  He pinched them, pulled them and squeezed them until she was squirming, little noises escaping her lips, a mixture of pleasure and protest.  Then she felt him move away from her.  She thought she heard him pick something up and then he was in front of her again.  As soon as she felt the intense pressure on her nipple she knew what he had in his hands, nipple clamps.  Her breath caught in her throat and she let out a little moan as he attached them first to one nipple and then the other.  He smiled, she was doing well.  He grasped the chain that hung down between her breasts, that was attached to both clamps, and played with it a bit, swinging it from side to side and then tugging on it a little to make sure the clamps were attached tightly enough.  They didn't seem to be going anywhere, but he decided to tighten them just a little, to be sure.  As she felt the pressure build, her breath quickened and she struggled against her restraints, but there was no way she could free herself from this sweet torture.

Satisfied, he moved away from her again and the next thing she felt was a sharp smack that landed firmly across both of her cheeks.  He was very calculated, and kept changing things up.  At first the smacks were lighter, then harder, then lighter again.  He'd wait a moment between smacks and then give her two right in a row.  He’d hit a bit higher and then a bit lower or sometimes he’d hit the same place twice in a row.  Whatever he was using stung, but it had a thuddyness to it as well.  It felt like wood, but it was awfully large, hitting both of her cheeks with every smack.  She didn’t focus much of her energy on trying to figure out what he was using though; her focus was on trying to absorb it, trying to take what he was giving her.  She struggled to move, to get away, pulling against her restraints, but it was no use.  She cried out as he picked up the pace.  She wasn't sure if she could take much more, but just as she thought she might have to use her safeword, he stopped.  She breathed a sigh of relief, but before she could relax too much he was in front of her again.

She had barely caught her breath when she felt a slap fall between her legs, right on her most sensitive area.  She gasped and pulled against her bonds.  It was no use, she couldn’t move enough for it to make a difference.  The second slap took her breath away and he waited a moment.  He knew she was struggling and yet, he could also see how wet she was getting, the whole area was starting to glisten.  The third slap came and she cried out, unaccustomed to such an onslaught on such a sensitive area.  She started thinking about her safeword again, but then she felt his hands grasp the nipple clamps and off they came.  She let out a loud gasp as the blood rushed back into her nipples and the pain overtook her for a moment.  Then his mouth was on hers, kissing her passionately.  He told her how pleased he was with her and then asked if she wanted to see where she was.  She hesitated, unsure.  Of course she was curious, but she also wasn't sure how she'd react.  She didn’t know exactly where they were other than outside, not too far from the cabin; and she didn’t know what he had her tied to either.  Her curiosity got the best of her and she nodded her head.  He chuckled and told her that he’d be happy to show her and then he removed the blindfold.  It took a moment for her eyes to adjust.  After all, she’d been in complete darkness, unable to see a thing. 

When she could see clearly and didn’t need to squint so much she looked around and saw the back of the cabin, the patio they were standing on, a hot tub, and some patio furniture.  There was a screen enclosure surrounding the entire patio area and she was quite relieved to see the privacy panels that ran along the entire lower portion.  The reality was, no one could see her, except him, but of course she hadn’t known that.  And that was just how he’d wanted it of course.  He had wanted her to have to put her trust in him and he knew that it would add to the experience if she thought that she was out in the open with the possibility of being seen.  Then she looked down and saw that he had indeed used chain to attach her ankles to…to what?  Her gaze shifted upward and she saw that she was restrained to, a large a-frame structure made of thick wooden beams.  It looked like a structure for holding a bench swing, or garden swing, but oversized and very sturdy looking.  Well, she’d already tested that a bit hadn’t she?  It didn’t just look sturdy, it was sturdy.  Each of her wrist cuffs were attached by a rope to a ring near the top corner of the structure.  While each of her ankle cuffs were attached by a chain to rings at the bottom of the structure.  Actually, on each side of her two chains came together and then attached to the ankle cuff on that side.  The other end of the chains were attached to the widest two points at the bottom of the a-frame structure.

She turned her gaze toward her husband.  He was standing near the patio furniture, leaning against something.  He’d been watching her as she took in her surroundings, curious to see what her reaction would be.  There on the table near him were the nipple clamps, a large wooden paddle and a leather slapper as well as her bra and panties.  A shiver ran through her and she shifted her gaze back to him.  He smiled and asked her what she thought and she smiled back in response.  “You thought you were fully exposed to the outdoors didn’t you?”   She bit her lower lip and nodded her head yes.  He came toward her and she saw what he’d been leaning against, an outdoor grill.  “Were you relieved when you realized that wasn’t the case?”  She nodded her head yes again.  Now he was standing right in front of her.  He lifted her chin up so that she was looking into his eyes, “but it was kind of exciting to think that you were, wasn’t it?”  She closed her eyes for a moment.  She hated being put on the spot like this; she hated having to admit such things.  “Yes, Sir” she replied in barely more than a whisper.  He smiled and kissed her tenderly, nibbling on her lips, his tongue exploring her mouth.

Then he drew back, looked at her, and slowly walked around her, taking in the view, thinking about the fun he’d already had with her and also about all the other possibilities this set up would afford.  But it was time to move on, she’d done well, but it wasn't as if she was accustomed to such things…not yet anyway.  If he had his way this cabin would become a frequent destination.  He reached for one of her wrist cuffs and unfastened it, leaving it hanging from the rope.  He did the same with the other one and then released both her ankles as well.  She moved around a bit, rubbing her wrists, stretching her arms and back, bending down to rub her ankles and stretching her legs.  She moved her feet around and grimaced, as if the heels were bothering her.  He loved how she looked in those heels, especially naked, but he didn’t want her to be in pain, well, not because of her shoes anyway.

“Are your feet bothering you?” he asked.  She looked up at him, not sure how to answer.  She knew that he was enjoying having her parade around in heels, but her feet really were starting to bother her.  He was unhappy with her hesitation and gave her a stern look coupled with a warning, “You know how I feel about lying.”  She had, in fact, almost assured him that her feet were fine.  “Sorry, Sir.  Yes, I know how you feel about lying and yes, my feet are bothering me.”  He leaned down and tapped the top of her foot, first one and then the other.  She lifted each of them up so that he could slip her shoes off.  As she placed her bare feet back down a shiver ran through her as she felt the cool patio tile on her skin.

She smiled at him as he straightened back up, the lovely black heels in his hands.  He was so handsome, even more so now than when they’d met those many years ago.  She was still very much in love with her husband and was surprised herself at how much her love for him continued to grow over time.  He told her to grab her undergarments and when she had he took her hand and led her back toward the cabin.  As they entered she got to look around a bit more, not having had the privilege of seeing this view on her way out.  She really liked the place, it felt comfortable; she felt at home here.  But wasn’t that a strange way to feel, she wondered.  After all, she’d never been here before and she hadn’t even seen the whole place yet.  She shrugged off those thoughts as he stopped in front of a doorway into a room she had yet to enter.  “Make yourself at home,” he told her, “snuggle up under a blanket if you’re chilly and I’ll be back.”  Then he drew her close to him and kissed her.  When he released her he gave her bottom a soft swat and went on his way.

***Just to be clear, this was fictitious, a work of fiction, not fact,
but in fact, a figment of the imagination.***


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