The Alpha Male

Michael walked through the door, a smile on his face, and was promptly swarmed by children and dogs.   I was on my computer in the next room and decided not to get up.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to greet him; I just didn’t feel like competing for his attention.  I figured that once he had freed himself that he’d come say hello.  I was right, it wasn’t long before he was by my side, lifting my chin up, and giving me a kiss.  I was really happy to see him, but there was this lingering feeling of uncertainty too.

I’d been reading through and responding to some emails, but I found that I was too distracted to focus on them now that Michael was home.  He was standing at the kitchen counter looking through the mail, so I decided to wash some dishes.  The kids and dogs had scattered, so it was just he and I in the kitchen.  We talked a little, asking how each other’s day had been, just small talk really.  When I finished washing the dishes I stood in front of the stove, looking at him, watching him, wondering if he was still processing things, if he’d decided what he really wanted.

I’m not sure if it was something I said, the way I said something, or perhaps even something I refused to say, but the next thing I knew Michael was in front of me, his hands on the stove, leaning against me, pushing me back so that I was leaning against the stove.  He wanted to know what I was thinking.  I bit my lower lip, not wanting to bring it up.  He tried to pull it out of me, but I wasn’t giving in.  I tried to distract him, to get him off on another topic, but he wasn’t having it.  Instead, he decided we were going upstairs.  To say that I was surprised is an understatement.  His whole demeanor spoke volumes.  He was calm, but not wavering one bit.  I waffled for a minute, but quickly realized how serious he was, so I grabbed my cell phone and headed up to our bedroom.

Michael was right behind me, but when he entered our room I’d already flopped down on our bed and had started playing Angry Birds.  He just shook his head and laughed.  I showed him that there had been an update and there was a new level added.  He took a peek and then took my phone.  Hmmph.  My attempt at levity had gone over well, but it hadn’t lasted very long.  Michael lay on the bed next to me, rolling me over onto my back.  What followed was a long discussion…and I mean the talking kind, not the spanking kind…not yet anyway.  He was in complete Alpha Male/HOH/Dom/whatever you want to call it, mode.  He was cool, calm, and collected and seemed to be a man on a mission.  He put me on the spot several times, asking me questions that I would’ve really rather not answered.  That didn’t seem to be an option however.  Then he laid things out and asked me if that was what I wanted.  I really didn’t want to answer that.  I wanted to know if that was what he wanted or if it was just what he thought I wanted.  He told me that wasn’t the question at hand and that he’d answer me after I answered him.  I worked up my courage and answered, yes, that was what I wanted.  And then he said “Good, because that’s what I want too.”

I was trying to wrap my head around all of this when Michael told me to get up, take my pants and panties off, grab my pillow, and get on my elbows and knees across the foot of the bed.  I was hesitant, even though I could see that he wasn’t playing around.  But my head was spinning.  I’d set myself up for the possibility that he would still be working things through when he came home, that I needed to be patient and trust that he would sort it out and let me know when he had.  I’d also set myself up for the possibility that he might want to take a step back from things for a bit.  The one thing I hadn’t been prepared for was him coming home with his mind made up and a firm determination to move forward.  And yet, that’s exactly what had happened.  Deep down it’s what I had wanted, but perhaps was too scared to hope for.

I got undressed and into position, but once he started in I was having a really hard time staying put.  My emotions were all over the place and I realized that the position I was in felt too detached.  I needed to be near him, touching him, to have him hold me.  And so I asked if I could be otk instead.  I’m not sure if my request surprised him or not, but he agreed.  Relieved, I was able to hold my position much better, though it was still a struggle at times as he used both the rod and the wooden spoon.  As far as spankings go, this wasn’t a short and to the point one, but neither was it a long drawn out one, it was somewhere in between.  I can still feel the remnants.

When he was done we lay on the bed next to one another again and talked some more.  Well, actually, mostly he talked and I was silenced when I would try to interrupt.  He said that he was talking right now and I needed to be quiet and listen.  Shutting me down like that was actually a good thing.  You see, when I get nervous or if I’m feeling insecure or unsure or something I tend to run off at the mouth.  I’ll try to tell him that it’s okay, we don’t have to do that or that it’s really not important, it's not a big deal, there are other options, etc.  And like I said, his mind was already made up; he was a man on a mission at this point.  He’d already gotten the answers out of me to the questions he felt were important.  And now he just wanted to be very clear about where we’re headed. 

When he was done talking he asked me if I understood and if I had any questions or concerns.  I understood and was feeling more centered by then, my focus was on him, questions or concerns could wait if I did have any.  He told me how much he loved me and kissed me passionately.  Then I felt his hand between my legs, pushing them apart and exploring.  But, I closed them again, a part of me not wanting to give in, not wanting to give up control.  That was unacceptable.  I was reminded that I belong to him, that my body is his to do with as he pleases, that I’m not allowed to deny him, and that if he places me in a position, he expects me to stay put.   He spread my legs again and started slapping me, not hard really, but hard enough for such a sensitive area.  I gasped and grabbed my pillow to keep my hands out of the way.  After a few slaps he went back to other endeavors, alternating between rubbing and penetrating.  Soon I was on the brink and then beyond, but he didn’t stop and I was so sensitive by now, but he kept at it and before long I was there again.  He stopped and I relaxed a bit, thinking he was done.  But he got up and pulled me to the edge of the bed.   My first thought was that I would soon feel something else penetrating me, his manhood.  But it was his tongue I felt next, exploring where his fingers had been.  He was unrelenting and clearly wanted to send the message home that I am his and he can do as he pleases.   That’s not to say that I wasn’t enjoying it, because I certainly was, but by now I was so sensitive he was driving me crazy.  That was his plan of course.  When he'd had enough of that, I rolled over onto my stomach, letting myself float a bit, not ready to come down yet.  But Michael had other ideas, and got my attention again quickly.  First he stuck a finger in my ass and then another one in my mouth.  In and out both fingers moved as I sucked the finger in my mouth.  He bent over and whispered in my ear that he wanted to make sure that I knew that all of me belongs to him. Let me just say, he does have a way of getting his point across!  Then he kissed me and left me upstairs to get myself together, while he got dinner ready.

Once I was downstairs, he asked me about the daily schedule I'd started putting together for myself.  I was a little concerned that he was asking, not sure if he was just curious about it or if he was thinking of enforcing it himself.  I answered a few questions, skillfully avoided a few others, and finally told him that I was making it for myself, not for him.  He came over to me, grabbed me and held me close and whispered in my ear "what you don't seem to understand is that everything is for me."  I had no idea what to say to that and he didn't really give me a chance to say anything anyway.  He kissed me deeply and then it was time for dinner.

Later on, when we were getting ready to head off to dreamland, I told him that I hoped he understood that I’d probably be testing him some.  His response caught me off guard.  He said that he’ll be testing me too.  Oh.  Uh.  Okay.  Wow.  Where did that come from?  We fell asleep in each other’s arms, things sorted out, no longer a lack of certainty between us.  He’s working today and tomorrow, so this weekend will be a short one for us.  But, we’re back on track, charting a new course together and I have a smile on my face.  : )


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