Me and My Schedule

Now I have the tune of Me and My Shadow going through my head.  Do you?  lol

Last Wednesday was the first day I tackled my new schedule.  Day 1 went quite well, all things considered.  Since then I think the phrase “going to hell in a handbasket” describes things pretty accurately.  Okay, that might be a bit of an overstatement, but let’s just say that flexibility has been key.

Thursday we had some appointments in the afternoon, so the schedule had to be worked around those.  Then Friday, well, what can I say about Friday?  It started off well and then crap hit the fan late that morning and the rest of the day I had very little control over.  The weekend didn't go well at all, but my schedule is only for M-F, so at least that wasn’t an issue. 

That leads us to Monday.  I had a couple of things to work around.  My foot had been swollen and sore all weekend and Michael told me that I was not to exercise if it still hurt.  It took a bit of a mental shift for me to agree to that.  I’m used to pushing through and if I’m intent on doing something, a little bit of pain and swelling might slow me down, but it isn’t likely to stop me.  I opened my mouth to argue with him or to try and make him see my point of view or to at least see if there was some wiggle room to be had, but instead I just said “Yes, Sir.”  And so, since my foot still hurt, I didn’t exercise yesterday.  Instead I used that time to deal with the stressful situation that reared its head on Friday and was a huge storm cloud over our weekend.  It’s a work in progress, but I hope and pray that there will be some answers and resolution soon.

Michael has been very encouraging to me in regard to my new schedule.  When I felt like I was falling short, he pointed out where I’d done really well.  He’s told me several times that he’s proud of me, not only for trying my best, but for even being willing to make the changes to begin with.  And I even lost 3 lbs last week because I actually stuck with my exercise plan and made some dietary changes.  Nice!  Now I just hope my foot gets better soon so that I can stay on track.  I think overall the schedule has been a good thing for me, even if my day doesn’t always go the way I’ve planned.  It takes a conscious effort at this point, it’s certainly not coming naturally yet, but I’m only a few days in.  Hopefully over time it will become more of a way of life than a schedule I’m attempting to follow.  ; )


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