Do you ever wish...

...that you could share about this part of your life with others (you know, those vanilla people in your life)?  Do you ever wish that it wasn’t something that you felt you had to keep hidden? 

Part of me would love to simply post “ttwd” as a Facebook status.  I figure most, if not all, of my Facebook friends would have no idea what that stood for.  But wouldn’t it be interesting if someone did?  Then again, it would be easy enough for any of them to google it and figure it out.  And then what would I say?  Yikes!  The reality is I’d never post anything about ttwd on Facebook, not even the simple term.  I keep in touch with family and friends on there, former classmates, former business associates, and my daughter is one of my Facebook friends.

But, I do wonder how our experience with ttwd would be different if it wasn’t something that was hidden.  Oh, I don’t mean that there would be discipline in public or anything like that.  I just mean, what if it was something that others knew about?  What if the dynamic was common practice and generally accepted in our society?  Well, I suppose there probably wouldn’t be so many blogs about it then, huh?  I mean, if we could talk to our friends, family, neighbors, and/or co-workers about it, then we probably wouldn’t need the meeting place that blog-land offers.  But since I don’t see that happening, ever, I remain grateful for all the friends and support found here.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if ttwd was common practice and not something that we felt we had to keep hidden?  How do you think it would affect your experience and/or our society at large?


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