Day 1

Today is the first day I’m following my new schedule.  I made it up for myself, wanting to get better organized and get more accomplished.  And I figured a plan of action would help.  Michael is overseeing it.   There are a couple of reasons for this.  For one, I think it will be helpful for me to have an accountability partner.  And what better accountability partner to have than my husband?  Secondly, it should help him feel more involved, since he’s often gone M-F.  I’ll be reporting in to him each day, telling him how things went, what I accomplished, what I didn’t, if I think things may need to be tweaked a bit, etc.  Michael wants to encourage me and, at least at this point, his focus in on my efforts.

I started the morning off by hitting the snooze button on my alarm.  It went off a good hour earlier than I’ve been getting up lately.  Once I convinced myself that I really did need to wake up, I did my devotions and said a prayer for myself, my family and friends for the day.  Then I woke the kids up.  They came into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed to check out the weather forecast and to wake up a bit more.  Then I made them go downstairs and figure out what they wanted for breakfast.  I got into some workout attire and joined them.  After breakfast it was time for them to get started on some school work and I headed for the treadmill.  An hour later and it was time to stretch and cool off and head for the shower.  After my shower everyone was ready for lunch.

After lunch the kids finished school and then went outside to enjoy the nice weather.  It’s been very warm here for March, but I’m not complaining!  At this point I got a bit off schedule because of an ongoing family situation.  I was on the phone with a couple of people trying to figure out what was going on, if there was anything I could or should do, etc.  The whole thing is emotionally draining and I took a few minutes to catch my breath and regroup before diving back into my schedule.  Next up was household chores.  Yay.  Domestic goddess I am not.  Oh, my house isn’t a pig sty or anything, but it is lived in…with kids and dogs and guinea pigs and…well, you get the idea.  I worked on some chores for awhile and got a decent amount accomplished and then started getting dinner ready.  We need to have dinner a bit earlier on Wednesdays because we go to church in the evening.  There’s a program for the kids, youth group for the teens, and adult Bible studies.  So, we had dinner and cleaned up and then it was time to head to church.  In truth I felt ready for a nap by dinner time, but I felt a bit better after eating and we all had a nice time.  I’m glad we went.  The kids are getting ready for bed now, as I finish writing this.  After I get them off to bed the only things left on my list are to shut the computer down on time and get to bed on time.  I’m pretty sure I can handle that.  I sure hope so anyway!

Michael has been very encouraging.  I told him last night that I was feeling a little nervous about today and he      helped me chill out.  And then tonight I came home to find an email from him that said “I'm proud of you for your hard work today.  I hope tomorrow goes well.  Just remember that whatever happens, just keep moving               forward  and it will all work out.  It’s a process and I'm proud of you for wanting to make changes.”  Needless      to say, that gave me the warm fuzzies and made me smile.  : )

Overall I think I did pretty well today.  I’d say that it was a good start.  Tomorrow we have some appointments in the afternoon, so that will throw things off a bit.  But, I’ll just work around it and do the best I can.  ; )


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