You've Got Personality

Riley’s recent post Submissive Personalities got me thinking and sparked a conversation between Michael and I.  So, I emailed her post to him and asked…

            Soooooo, what about me?

I see you in all of her bullet points.  I also knew on a subconscious level of your submissive side.  You always wanted your "knight in shining armor" to take you...away?  Not quite right, maybe just to rescue you and take control of the situation.

Yes, I agree about the knight in shining armor, though I certainly didn't look at it that way on a conscious level at the time.  I believe I was drawn to your dominance, even if you were hiding it under a bit of shyness at first.  You were sweet and kind and yet not afraid to jump into the fire and save me, if only from myself sometimes.  *happy sigh*  You know I love you, right?  : )

Thanks, your confidence in me means a lot to me.  I'm glad you chose me to fight the dragons for you!  I love you too!

You just put a huge smile on my face.  : )  Thank you for being willing to be my knight in shining armor and slay those dragons for me!  (((((hugs)))))

From very early on in our relationship, back when we were really just good friends, Michael was always ready to step in, help out, take over, etc.  Looking back, I wonder which one of us initiated such interactions.  Was I looking to him for that and he’d step up to fulfill my unspoken request or would he step up and so I’d acquiesce?  I’m not sure.  Maybe it wasn’t even the same in each instance; perhaps it was different depending on the situation at hand.

I remember in high school driving my car to school and pulling into the tightly packed student lot and trying to back out, not wanting to try to make a gazillion point turn.  Michael was walking into school with some of his friends and they saw me attempting to maneuver my car out of the parking lot.  By the way, have I mentioned that it was an old car without power steering, that it was a bit of a boat, and that I hadn’t been driving for very long?  Needless to say it wasn’t going so well.  Michael came over and took over and my car was out of that lot in no time.  That’s just one example, I could share a lot more, but I imagine you get the idea.

As for what my personality is like, what personality traits I hold, well, if you google INFJ or read about it here, you’ll get a pretty good idea.  INFJ stands for Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging.  Descriptions on different sites vary a bit and of course it doesn’t describe me to a T, but overall it’s pretty accurate.  Apparently a small percentage of the population fits into this particular personality category, but I can’t help but wonder how many others here in blogland would recognize themselves in the description.

I’m awful at describing myself, so sharing my personality test results seemed easier.  If you read here much, I imagine you have at least somewhat of a feel for my personality.  But of course in blogland you can’t see the expression on my face or read my body language.

So, I'm curious, have you taken a personality test before?  Were you surprised by the results?  If so, was it less accurate than you were hoping for or was it more accurate than you imagined it could be?  Did you check out the INFJ description?  If so, did you recognize yourself or not so much?


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