When the kids are away...

The parents will play! 

The kids were gone, one spending the night at a friend’s house, the other spending the night at their grandparents house.  Michael had ordered some new toys.  I didn’t know what because he wouldn’t tell me.  The box that arrived wasn’t very heavy though.  I wondered if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  I didn’t have to wait long to find out.  There was a set of rope cuffs, a rattan cane, and something called a naughty stick.  He ordered them from Cane-iac if you want to take a peek.

Not too long ago I told Michael that I was longing for an intense spanking experience.  I didn’t want it to be punishment, and would rather it wasn’t maintenance either.  I told him that it could be erotic or just because or whatever he wanted it to be.  I also told him that I would probably try to deny ever asking and that I would certainly try to talk my way out of it if he decided to follow through.  Well, you know that saying, be careful what you wish for?  Be careful what you wish for! 

Off came my comfy, fuzzy pj's and Michael discovered my surprise, I’d put some sexy, lacy lingerie on underneath.  He didn’t appreciate them for long though.  Soon enough I was completely disrobed and he had me lie over some pillows at the end of our bed.  Then he was slipping the new cuffs over my hands and feet onto my wrists and ankles and he took a couple of pieces of rope and tied the cuffs to the bed frame.  He didn’t tie me so tightly that I couldn’t move at all, but he tied me tightly enough that he needn’t worry about me interfering.  It was exciting, but I was feeling a bit anxious too.  I wondered if I should’ve had a shot of tequila glass of wine before coming upstairs!

He started off slowly, warming me up.  He used his hand and several implements, including the new cane and naughty stick of course.  He changed things up frequently and came back to some implements several times.  He’d change the pace, first slow and methodical, then a few quick swats, then more metered out again.  He kept me guessing.  I never knew what was coming next.  Most of the swats were to my bottom, but he directed some onto my thighs as well.  There were times when I was really struggling against the bonds that held me and I hoped that I wouldn’t end up with rope burn.  Thankfully I didn’t.  The new cuffs are pretty comfortable, I could get out of them if I needed to for some reason and they held up to some strong resistance.

At one point when I was squirming Michael remarked that he wasn’t even really swinging the cane, just flicking his wrist.  I think he was about to change to another implement when I said “I wonder what it would feel like a little harder.”  I think I surprised him and he decided to see how I handled it.  There was a blog post that I had come across, read, and shared with him not that long ago called Don’t Stop.  While there are certainly some aspects that apply to me, at least at times, it suggests things going a bit farther than what either Michael or I are comfortable with.  We're not into humiliation for instance and sometimes I really do want him to stop or slow down or not push me so much.  And he certainly doesn't have an indifferent attitude toward me.  But I did want to be pushed, to be taken to a place I hadn’t been before and Michael was certainly willing to facilitate that.  I wonder, is there a masochist lying inside of me somewhere...because I can and do find pleasure in pain?  And is there a sadist lying inside of Michael somewhere...because he enjoys seeing me squirm, watching my cheeks redden, listening to my breath quicken and hearing  the sounds of mixed pleasure and pain that escape my lips?

I don’t know how long he spanked me, but it felt like a long time.  He let me rest and catch my breath a couple of times.  And twice I felt like I might be headed for tears, but then he switched things up and I was able to regroup.  I’ve never cried from a spanking.  I’ve cried before or after, but that was because of the emotions surrounding the situation, not from the pain of the swats.  I wasn’t quite sure whether to feel relieved or disappointed to have staved off tears.  But, I didn’t really get to think about it because Michael was still swatting my bottom.  In a way, I guess it was an escape for me.  I forgot about everything else.  Michael had my full attention.

By the time he was done my bottom was very red, quite tender, and you could already see some discoloration beginning to show.  Oh yes, he had left his mark.  He released me from the cuffs and then there was some cuddling, kissing and soothing words.  And then he had me pleasure him with my mouth.  He always says there’s no better time to have me do that than after I’ve been well spanked.  I’m not sure why that is…am I more eager to please him perhaps?  Then he had me lie on the bed and he entered me.  He started off slowly, his rhythm building.  And then, when I was close to the peak of the mountain, he pulled out.  It threw me.  I was almost there!  What was he doing?  He changed position a bit and then entered me again, picking up his rhythm where he’d left off.  And I discovered a new peak, much higher than the one I’d been climbing.  I’d been so annoyed with him for stopping when he had, but let me tell you, there’s something to be said for delayed gratification!

We both slept well afterward, my head on his chest, his arm around me, worn out with a feeling that all was right in the world or at least in our little piece of it.  The next morning we slept in and when we awoke we enjoyed one another’s company a bit more.  We finally made our way downstairs around noon to have brunch.  I will say that I had some mixed emotions though.   On the one hand I was feeling very submissive and yet on the other hand for some reason I felt like pushing Michael’s buttons.  It was strange really and caught us both off guard.  It was like he had pushed me and I needed to push back or something.  I don’t know if it was because he’d had such control and had taken things to a place we hadn’t gone before or what.  While I hadn’t really anticipated the mixed emotions, it made sense since this was certainly the most I’d ever been spanked, the longest and the hardest. 

Michael asked me if it had been more intense than a punishment, but I wasn’t sure how to answer.  I said that the emotions were totally different and though the spanking the night before had been longer and harder than he'd ever given me, there had also been a nice warm up, a buildup, where as a punishment is hard and fast and over quickly, with no warm up.  They’re completely different.  He understood what I was saying and then asked if this fit the bill for an intense experience.  He wanted to know if this was what I’d been looking for.  Oh yes, it fit the bill alright.  I hadn’t really placed any expectations on it though.  I had asked and then waited to see what he had in store.  I hadn't over thought it.  I hadn't really spent time thinking about how things might go, what he might do, how I would feel, what would happen, etc.  I imagine that helped.  It's easy to build things up in your head and get anxious or excited and then if things don't go the way you'd anticipated you can end up feeling let down instead of fulfilled.

We talked for a little bit about the previously evening and how I was feeling, that I had some mixed emotions.  Michael was very understanding.  I think more than anything I just needed to know that things were still okay between us, that we were okay after such an intense experience.  He was firm with me the rest of the day, but also very loving, compassionate, and reassuring.  Really he was and is everything I need him to be. 

I wonder when the kids will both be away overnight again.  *grin*  


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