Taking Notice

Michael and I were talking on the phone.  We were wrapping up our conversation and getting ready to say goodnight.  And then he said “Hey, why did you text me late last night?”  Ooops.  I was hoping he wouldn’t notice.  You see, the rule goes like this…off the computer by 11pm M-Th, in bed and sending him a goodnight text by 11:45.  I think it was more like 12am last night, er, this morning.  I had kind of figured that even if he did notice, he’d let it slide, I mean, that’s only 15 minutes late, right?  But instead he called me on it and I had to explain myself.

“Well, um, you see I sat down to watch a little television before bed and I ended up rewinding the program a bit and so it wasn’t over when I was supposed to go to bed…and, I, uh, decided to go ahead and watch the rest of it.  Sorry.”

He didn’t seem to be upset, didn’t lecture me, but yet I wasn’t sure he was really satisfied with my answer.  And so I tried to explain my reasoning.

“I mean, I figured that I would be up that long anyway and so what did it really matter if I…”

He cut me off, told me not to justify it and that all he’d been looking for was an apology and he’d already gotten that, so that was enough.

Oh.  Um, okay.


He thanked me and the conversation moved on and shortly we were saying goodnight.

Not very long ago, Michael either wouldn’t have even noticed that I’d sent the text late or if he had, he probably wouldn’t have said anything about it anyway.  He’s changing.  He’s paying more attention, taking notice.  His demeanor is different.  He’s handling things differently.  He’s able to put my head in a different place with ease or so it seems.  He’s learned to take over and not let me just go off at the mouth.  That was a bad habit of mine, often when I was angry, upset, anxious or worried.  It’s still a behavior I tend to fall back on sometimes.  But he has this calm strength and confidence about him these days and it puts me at ease.  I like it.  I like it a lot.  It still catches me off guard though.  I don’t expect it.  And yet, there it is, there he is, handling things, handling me, like he’s been doing it all along.

Note: this was written last Friday, I'm just getting around to sharing it.  ; )


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