I've had a couple of really strange dreams recently.  Normally, I either don’t dream or perhaps I just don’t usually remember my dreams, I’m not sure which. 

The first dream I had the night after our night when the kids were away.  In the dream we were at a stadium to see a show or something.  The house lights were still up and I was sitting with one group of people chatting and Michael was sitting with another group of people chatting.  But then it was like the show was about to start and so I scooted past several people to get out of the row I had been sitting in and then walked up to the section Michael was sitting in and scooted past several more people to get to my husband.  Everything seemed fine until I reached Michael.  As I scooted past him to sit down on the other side of him I suddenly realized that I was naked!  Not only was I naked, but my bottom was red from a spanking.  I freaked out for a moment, realizing that I had just scooted past all of those people totally naked and with a red bottom!  But then something equally strange happened.  As I sat down next to Michael I kind of shrugged it off and just took my place next to him.  And that’s all I remember.  Somehow I didn’t realize I was naked at first, then it suddenly occurred to me when I reached Michael and I freaked out for a moment, and then I shrugged it off as no big deal and sat beside him ready to enjoy the show or whatever we were there to see. How's that for strange?  Where did that come from?

Then I had another strange dream a couple of nights later.  I was sitting at my computer and I sent an email to my aunt.  It was Part I of the fictional story I started writing, The Cabin.  Immediately after I clicked SEND I realized what I’d done and I panicked.   I tried to figure out how to un-send it somehow.  But, knowing there was no way to retrieve it, I then moved on to trying to come up with some sort of explanation.  And that's all I remember of that dream.  Um…okay…why on earth would I send my aunt anything from my blog, anything about DD or D/s, whether it was fact or fictional?  I have no idea.  

Why am I all of the sudden having strange dreams related to this lifestyle?  And is there some kind of meaning behind them?  Susie had a dream about spanking recently.  What about you?  Have you had any strange dreams related to ttwd?  


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