Recently, I read a post on Kevan’s blog that got me thinking about our roles in ttwd.  I was intrigued by a comment Butterscotch made.  She mentioned that her husband says that he’s the CEO while she’s the COO.  I really liked that idea and shared it with Michael.  Guess what?  He liked it too.  : )
According to DifferenceBetween.netCEO means Chief Executive Officer and the person with this prestigious role has immense responsibilities.  The CEO is the leader of the company and director of an organization’s policies, mission, and goals.  CEOs are often considered as the head honcho, the number one person-in-charge, the Captain of the ship if you will.  It can be said that all persons involved in the company’s operation report to the CEO, including the COO.
CEOs will always have authority over all other company personnel as they have the last say in policy and management decision-making.
The CEO has the command responsibility and will be held accountable whether the entire company succeeds or fails.
The Chief Operations Officer or COO, on the other hand, is a position that also holds a tremendous amount of responsibility. COOs oversee the functions and general operations of the company.

The COO reports to the CEO. The COO will often be involved in all facets of the CEO’s responsibilities. He/she should be able to advise and help the CEO with the decision-making.

So, let’s see, Michael (CEO) is looking at the big picture, while I’m (COO) in charge of carrying out the plan, managing the details, to make the vision a reality.  The course we’re taking is up to Michael, but I’m his top advisor and help with the decision making.  Michael has the final say, but ultimately he’s also the one who bears the responsibility for those decisions.  In business a CEO often answers to a Board of Directors.  I guess our Board of Directors would be the 3 in 1, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I also answer to our Board of Directors, but more immediately I report to Michael.  I’m held responsible by him if I fail to follow through or decide to take a detour.  Michael acts as a kind of a stop gap, a fail safe, to help me stay or get back on course.  While Michael has more freedom in that he’s ultimately the one in charge he also doesn’t have the same kind of safety net that I do.

What do you think?  Does the CEO/COO model describe your relationship?  Is there another comparison or description that you feel describes your dynamic better or that you prefer?


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